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The Power of the Pink Ribbon

It’s an internationally known symbol and the most recognizable non-profit symbol around the globe. From hosting an event with a portion of the proceeds benefiting BCCA, to picking a few of your products that are pink to donate back a portion of the sales, there are any number of ways to become a pink partner.


The Breast Cancer Charities of America truly focuses on being a partner with any of our sponsors. We know that businesses are looking for ways to keep costs down during a tough financial time, but there truly is no better way to encourage internal employee involvement and also share with your community the importance you place on helping others, than a partnership.


Our partnerships are broken down into three categories:

-National Sponsorship Series
-Merchandising Series
-Event Sponsorship Series

For more information, or to set up a meeting with our Sponsorship Department, please e-mail and list Sponsorship in the subject line and our Sponsorship Department will be back to you within 24 hours.

Pink Partner Opportunities

Does your business want to partner with BCCA? Please complete and submit the form below for Pink Partnership opportunities. Our Partnership team looks forward to talking with you!

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