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Holiday Friendly Dieting

Holiday Friendly Dieting


            With the holidays right around the corner, it is extremely hard to stay on track if you’re trying to cut back. You’ve got tons of holiday parties while attempting to maintain that bikini bod (or if you’re like me trying to get it in the first place). While I still don’t understand why all of the best things in life make you fat, here are some tips on how to diet during the holidays.

            It’s all about moderation! Don’t cut out the stuffing or pie, because let’s be real it’s too good to say no to. Giving yourself smaller portions of high calorie foods is a good way to get the satisfaction along with not adding unnecessary calories.

            Don’t eat pie for breakfast (I’M TALKING TO YOU MOM). It’s so tempting because it literally calls your name and it’s so hard to say no. Try hiding it from yourself or if you have a refrigerator in the garage, put it in there so it’s more difficult to get to. Instead of the pie, have oatmeal with sugar free syrup, blueberries and sprinkled cinnamon, I promise it will curb your appetite for hours and won’t make you have eaters-remorse.

          Try to keep the healthiest foods at your own home, but give yourself some grace at parties. You’ve got snacks, alcohol and sweets. All of which are fine if you only have one but we most likely won’t do that. A trick to help you is to eat beforehand so you’re not starving during the festivities. If you’re looking for a buzz without the calories, drink vodka with water and a splash of cranberry. This drink will also keep you hydrated so you won’t wake up the next morning feeling like you got hit by a semi-truck.

            I hope these tips are helpful and that your taste buds enjoy the holidays.

Happy holidays (dieting)!

Amy Tullis

Stocking up on Christmas Decor

It’s that time of year again! Alix gives us her tips for “stocking” up on Christmas decor


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so they say… in that one song… totally kidding I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME! My husband and I are not only newlyweds, but also new home owners as of October. It’s been so much fun getting our new little house together and making it our home. We both share of love of Holiday decorating, from the inside out. However being brand new home owners left us with absolutely nothing with some holiday cheer. So in true holiday fashion we started planning and collecting things to make our house a bright and merry home.

Whether you are like me (starting from scratch) or looking to change it up a bit, I came up with some helpful tips and tricks for decorating your home for the holidays.

1. It is an investment: I had to keep saying this to myself every time I swiped my card. I know that we will replace decorations and add to our collection over the years, but it will take a good chunk of change to get it going. Since it is an “investment” put your dollars into pieces that will last (we got deer for our yard, canvases for inside, a pretty tree skirt). Our higher dollar items should last us a few years.

2. Look for the deals/hand-me-downs early: The first Christmas décor I bought in early November… two stocking for our dogs at $3 a piece! Yes, now you know where my priorities are… but actually it was a great deal I couldn’t pass up. Craft stores are always having 50-75% off their holiday décor, places like Ross or Marshalls have bits and pieces for a steal (think hand towels, candles, etc.), and I am a huge fan of random online deals. Also, I’m all about taking hand-me-downs. If it is in good shape then why not? My Mimi had a gorgeous fake tree she was just going to get rid of…heck no, that thing is currently sitting in my living room. It’s all about looking early and planning out.

3. Pick something that won’t go “out of style”: At first I wanted my house in plaids… just plaid everywhere like a lumberjack convention. After some convincing from my husband, I dropped that dream and started thinking long term. So we went with golds and reds, it’s turning out beautifully inside. It makes it feel like Christmas time and I know it will be a good feel for years to come.

4. Research: The inside of the house was my realm (minus the veto of the plaid) for me to decorate and bring to life. The outside was all for hubs… I’m not really into standing on ladders and dealing with spider webs in trees and bushes. He did a great job of researching what he wanted the front yard to look like. When we went to get all the pieces it literally took no time at all, he knew the type of lights and the deer and the extension cord plan. Literally… he is the best, it came out so cute!

Our little house is now looking like a cozy home, ready for the holidays. We are still putting bits and pieces together. But don’t worry, it will be all ready for Saint Nick to visit our baby pups!

Be Merry,

Alix Josey


Giving Tuesday


With the holiday’s right around the corner, I always find myself reflecting over the year and even some self-evaluation. It’s the time of year when almost everyone is celebrating something! Whether its family, good fortune, or simply just celebrating others! But for some people it’s the reminder of their losses and sadness they experienced throughout the year.

One holiday tradition of mine is that my family and I always go out Black Friday shopping and try and score the best deals. But this year was very different for me, I started thinking about the people who get stuck working on days like these and even Thanksgiving, and even longer hours as the holiday season continues. I thought of those people who may be going through hardships, or stuck in the hospital and not able to enjoy their normal holiday traditions or even be with their family.

A lot of breast cancer patients this holiday season may be stuck in a hospital, or may not be able to travel to see their family, or even buy gifts because of the financial struggle they see that comes with being diagnosed. But with Giving Tuesday it gives us all an opportunity to give back and honor those who do not get to spend the holidays as they wish they could.

iGoPink is just one of the many non profits that helps those that need a little extra love during the holiday season. We have a few fantastic programs, and a donation of even $10 could help. Our Help Now Fund allows us to pay mortgage/rent and utilities for women battling breast cancer. During this season, the last thing women want to think of is how they’re going to keep their lights on this month, and we get to make that happen! Our Feeling Beautiful Again program is my personal favorite. We send bags of beauty products all over the nation to women who maybe don’t feel as beautiful during chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

There are so many ways that you can give back, whether it’s donating, volunteering, fundraising, or just spreading awareness about breast cancer. Join us and be a part of the global celebration of a new tradition this year!! Have fun this holiday season, and do good!

Holiday Traditions

My favorite holiday tradition…shopping


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Hopefully full of stuffing, turkey, and lots of red wine with your loved ones! My boyfriend flew in from California (he lives in San Francisco) and we spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Waco, Dallas, and Houston! This season is one of the few times of the year I get to see certain parts of my extended family, and it’s so nice. My family is HUGE…like crazy big. I technically have 6 parents (it’s confusing), so you can imagine the amount of relatives I have on each side. It’s such a blessing though! I love having so many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Growing up, my parents made every holiday and birthday ridiculously special, and it rubbed off on me. Gifts are definitely my love language now. I want people to feel thought of and loved, and for me the best way to do that is giving them something that I know they’ll love. With such a big family comes multiple “What do you want for Christmas?” questions around this time of year. My family is also pretty big on gifts, so I better come prepared with a list! One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting on my aunt and uncles staircase writing my list out with my cousins and running it over to our parents and grandparents. Now that I’m older though, I’m always completely stumped when I sit down to make a list. During the year I see a million things I need or want, but when it’s time to ask, I either blank or feel guilty! Luckily, my little sister doesn’t have this problem. I know because she sent me a page long list in October 😉 She’s a girl who knows what she wants!

In my early twenties, all I really want is my rent paid and maybe a nice long nap, but that doesn’t suffice as a list apparently. Luckily this year, I had some cheat sheets! In the age of Pinterest, fashion bloggers, and your favorite shop sending weekly emails, it’s easy to pick those can’t live without items! I’ve rounded up my favorite bloggers and websites so you can get a better idea of what to get your loved ones and what you need yourself. Christmas is the perfect time to ask for those things you really need but never splurge on, like a great face product, a new curling iron, a new bag, or nice perfume. It’s also a perfect time to give to the people in your life who maybe you don’t always think of. I’m SO excited about the gifts I got for my mom (who 110% deserves the world) and my boyfriend’s family. It’s these people that we probably aren’t shopping for regularly, and it’s a great excuse to spoil them.

One of my favorite bloggers (another Texas girl) is Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity. She has a great Christmas round up that she adds to frequently!

Another great lifestyle blogger is Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo, and they’re currently doing a Christmas list for every member of the family!

ELLE magazine has a “Best Gifts of 2016” guide that literally has something for everyone.

Last but not least, Pinterest boards are overflowing with gifts right now! Just type it in the search bar and you’re sure to find what you need.

With today being Cyber Monday, get out there and find some deals! I hope this helps you to either make a list or find a gift for that super hard to buy for person in your life. Happy shopping!

-Tori Carruth

Workout Tips

Workout tips for your post turkey-coma


Thanksgiving Dinner—you’ve longed for it, you searched for the perfect recipe, you spent hours in the kitchen and then POOF—all that long work is suddenly inhaled by your guests and you feel like a stuffed bird on the couch after. Anyone else in the same boat?

The day of devouring delicious food after delicious food can be ever so satisfying to the soul when wrapped with the love of family…but it can be a killer on our healthy lifestyles!
So what tips do I rely on to stay fit while making all the fixings? There’s a lot of them, but these are my 3 favorite fitness tips that you can start today!

1. Kick Start the Day with Family: Family still in town for the holiday weekend? Suggest that a family walk be the top priority on the ‘to do list’ before the day gets going. Not only is this a great way for your kids to spend some quality time with grandma & grandpa, but it’s a wonderful way to continue family time from the day before. Make a big pot of coffee, have the grown ups grab their to-go-mugs, and start walking with the family to the park. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the fresh air, with family and burning off some of that extra pie you snuck in before you went to bed!
2. Black Friday Power Walk/Shop: CALLING ALL SHOPPERS…I used to be the queen bee of Black Friday sales…by 11am all my Christmas shopping was done for the year (AND I had power walked my way through the mall and 5 large retailers). Grab your girlfriends and shopping list and hit the stores while squeezing in your steps for the day. You’ll be amazed how far you walk while checking off Santa’s shopping list
3. Create a Holiday Fitness Calendar: This one is my favorite and you’ll thank me when January 1 rolls around and you didn’t gain the “Holiday 15”! Having a pre-set fitness calendar for the holidays can be fun—one of my favorite things to do is to look at Christmas Lights in our neighborhoods. Instead of doing an early morning workout routine, I’ll suggest different neighborhoods that my husband, dog, baby and I go walk instead at night. Not only am I getting to see the lights, I’m fitting in a workout, and getting time during this busy season to spend quality time with the people I love the most. If Christmas lights aren’t your thing, what about setting up a daily challenge to try 30 days of new exercises…come January 1, you’ll be able to kick off the new year with a new workout plan.

So before you start thinking that you’re doomed to fit in fitness around the holidays, start planning. It can be fun, free and keep you feeling well during the holiday season.

Thankful Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving!)




We’re so thankful for each of you! Whether you’re a woman battling breast cancer, a donor, a supporter, a reader, or just happen to like our pictures time to time, you’re making a difference in our lives and the lives of women everywhere! You’ve seen a bit of each of our staff whether through writing or online, but we thought we’d let you get to know us a little better. Today we’re going to give you a glimpse of our team here at iGoPink. On top of our families, friends, health, and job, we’re thankful for a few other little things too.

Erica- Executive Director and Founder of BCCA/iGoPink (and new first time mom to Noelle!)

I’m thankful for my two babies: my fur baby and our little 4 day old. Our fur baby has been so good being a big sister and watch dog! I’m also thankful for my rockstar husband who is such an amazing provider for his household of ladies (he’s considering getting a male fish for our house to balance out all the estrogen of a girl dog, wife, and baby girl who is completely in love with her daddy!) Lastly, I’m thankful for our iGoPink team! It sounds like a generic “thankful” item, but if you step foot in our offices, you’ll see a team of ladies with serious drive, passion to help others, and a team that knows how to laugh and make someone’s day extra special by turning any situation into a positive one.





Tristan- Assistant Executive Director (and all around super woman)

I’m thankful for Clorox wipes, pizza dinners on school nights, and (rude!) friends who keep me motivated on the FitBit app!




Tori – PR & Events Manager (and editor behind the iGoPinkLife blog!)

I’m thankful for my two great roomies (aka my best friend, Emilie and our rude cat, Dexter), a boyfriend who travels 1600+ miles for a weekend together, endless wine at Thanksgiving dinner, and 24 hour Starbucks!


DCIM100GOPRO Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Stephanie- Finance & Missions Manager (and “mom” to the rest of us)

I’mm thankful for my Great Dane pups (and a sandbox that can hold all 4!). I’m also so thankful for my work family who I spend more time with than my home family. If I have to spend that much time away from home, at least I can spend it with these beautiful and amazing women!




Alix- Program Outreach Manager (and newlywed!)

I’m thankful for expensive candles that make my house smell like a luxury spa, Beyonce’s Lemonade album, and moderately priced, moderately good wine in stemless glasses.

View More: http://jordanfischelsphoto.pass.us/alix-xavian



Amy- Marketing & Partnership Assistant (and dog-mom to Reese)

I’m thankful for hugs from Reese everyday when I come home, friends who snort-laugh as much as I do, and finally making it to graduation.




Hannah- Program Development Assistant (and newly engaged gal!)

I am thankful for my fiance, who puts up with me even when I am hard to deal with, for Target (which allows me to spend all my money in the dollar section), and for graduation because I’m extremely ready to be done with homework!






Say No To Sniffles

Call it the MOM in me


It’s inevitable.  Sneezing.  Coughing.  Runny Nose.  Kids get sick.  Sometimes they pass it on to their siblings.  Sometimes it comes straight to mama and papa bear.  Sometimes it knocks out the whole family in one foul swoop!

Call it the mom in me, but I take great precautions to nip colds right in the bud!

Here are a few tricks to try out this Fall/Winter:

Eat a Plant- Dark colored plants and leafy greens are important for building strong immune systems. Try hiding spinach or kale in their spaghetti.  Get tricky!  They will never know!

Kids Need Hydration too- Drinking plenty of water will flush the system and keep little bodies hydrated. Skip the juice box, opt for water instead.

10-11 Hours of Sleep- A solid nights sleep helps not only to recharge; it also allows the body to heal strengthening the immune system. Plan a bed time and stick with it!

Vitamin D- Studies show that vitamin D intake limits instances of flu by over 50%, for kids that means roughly 2 ½ servings of dairy per day. My kids grab fortified milk for breakfast!  (Cheese on pizza counts in my book too!)

Get Moving- Exercise is as important to little bodies as it is for grownups. 40 minutes a day for little ones helps keep the doctor away!

Vitamin C- A MUST. Vitamin C not only helps build a strong immune system, it helps to shorten the length of a cold.   There is a new twist on this old staple: Organic Vitamin C lollypops!  Kids think its candy!  You have permission to think you’re awesome!

It will happen… Kids will still get sick.  There are over 200 forms of the common cold!  But, focus on health and wellness; and remember with preventative measures it’s the small things that make a big difference.

Do you have a tip that I need too?  Share it below!

-Tristan Cablay

Letters to Me

Inspiration from within


Where do you find inspiration for yourself? Is it quotes you find online? Is it a person you follow on social media? I look for inspiration everywhere… but I never look to myself for inspiration. As a person who is quick to point out everyone’s achievements but her own, I am finding a way to turn that around. I recently read somewhere (don’t ask where, I believe I found it in a deep social media hole I had dug myself into) recognizing your achievements and praising yourself for those successes leads to inspiration, motivation, and overall improvement in your life.

You’re thinking, “Cool, thanks for that… now what?” We start writing letters to ourselves. Give credit where credit is due, monthly. Almost like a monthly report to yourself. I like to use pretty colors and pens and paper and write a note monthly. You can do it on your phone…you can voice record it… you can type it up and set it to email to yourself a month later.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments for the month. List every single one from “I made my bed everyday,” to “I secured a huge professional partnership.” When you look back on everything you have accomplished, you prove to yourself that you are great! List a few things you love about yourself, “I love my eyes, especially when I’m using my new eyeshadow,” or “I am such a great listener, my friends and family value that about me.” Finally make goals for yourself, keep them in your letter. Next month you’ll see if you achieved your goals.

When you acknowledge all the great things you have done within 30 days, it inspires you to do more. YOU ARE INSPIRING YOURSELF! Then you can use those Pinterest quotes and social media gurus as extra inspiration.

Be proud. You are great and have achieved great things. You are bound to achieve greater things

-Alix Josey

Healthy Holiday Tips

How to (try to) stay healthy this Thanksgiving!


Food + Family + Football = Every Thanksgiving I have ever experienced. My large family gets together with a lengthy menu of traditional family recipes that make an appearance on every T-day table. Two turkeys, cornbread dressing, potatoes, casserole, breads, green beans, DESSERT… the list is quite lengthy. Needless to say no Thanksgiving in my family is about cutting calories, fat, or carbs.

I refuse to sacrifice not eating any of the menu on Turkey Day nor reject the wine that comes along with it. Sacrifice on my favorite food holiday of the year!? No. Never. However…. I can compromise. Over the years I have come up with some routines and eating patterns for Thanksgiving to lighten up my load a little bit.

Healthy Tips:

  1. White Meat > Dark Meat: My husband hates this, but it can cut out a lot of fat from your meal. Opting for white meat turkey over dark meat turkey keeps lean, low-fat protein on your plate rather than fatty protein. Also if 25% of the plate is white meat turkey, it provides your body with a good protein keeping you full, rather than reaching for that extra piece of pie.
  2. Fresher is better: My grandma makes the most AMAZING fresh jalapeno cranberry sauce. It’s tart, sweet and has a bit of a kick. My aunt makes these crispy sautéed green beans with slivered almonds… that I dream about for months. My mom uses fresh veggies and home made cornbread for her dressing. See a theme? Everything is fresh! Try to eliminate canned or boxed sides, cutting a large amount of preservatives from your plate. Using fresh whole ingredients add more vital nutrients to your plate. So even if you do like to load up on the sides, you can do it without loading on chemicals.
  3. Skip the rolls: Potatoes, dressing/stuffing, pie… Carbs are abundant during our Thanksgiving meal. If you leave out a roll you save yourself from loading up on extra unnecessary carbs.
  4. Slow down your fork: Most definitely the hardest rule for me to follow, but it has kept me out of misery in past few years. During Thanksgiving meals we can find ourselves eating a million miles a minute… getting every bite of goodness as quick as possible. The problem? It takes a while for your stomach to register when it has had enough to eat. By taking time in-between bites and chewing food slowly, it reduces the risk of becoming miserably full.
  5. Walk it out: My new favorite tradition after a T-day meal is going for a walk. Enjoying the cool weather and chatting with the family is a great way to end the day. Nothing too stressful, just a stroll around the neighborhood is great. Walking after eating sparks the digestive organs to get moving and boosts your metabolism, giving your pie less time to sit in your tummy.

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving and can’t wait to smartly indulge this year! Remember its about enjoying… compromise and don’t restrict yourself 🙂 I hope everyone has a delicious and fantastic day filled with food, family, and fun!

Happy eating, ya’ll


-Alix Josey

Fall Boots For Any Weather

Fall boot style (even when it’s 80 degrees)

by Amy Tullis


My favorite part of this time of year is being able to wear boots and booties that I can’t wear during the warmer months.  While it’s still about 75 degrees outside on a good day, I still found a way to incorporate my favorite boots into my wardrobe. Booties are my favorite to style because there are so many ways to dress them! For work I’ll throw on a t-shirt dress, cardigan and my favorite pair of booties. It’s a quick and comfortable way to look cute on a daily basis. On the weekends I’ll wear my booties with a pair of distressed jeans and a flowy top.

In Texas it’s very hard for me to wear mid-calf or over the knee boots since it’s still in the high 70s in December. If I decide to just deal with the heat and wear them (like I did today!), I’ll pair my over the knee boots with a dress that hits around mid-thigh. For my mid-calf boots, I’ll style them with jeans and a flannel for an easy fall outfit. If I need a dressier outfit I’ll typically try to wear a dress or a blouse with dark jeans with my booties and cuff my jeans.

When shopping for boots, I try to find some that I can dress up or down, so that I have multiple options. It’s also a good idea to go with neutrals that I know will match with almost anything I already have. Taupe toned boots are awesome because you can wear them with black or brown outfits. I have a pair of booties that have fringe on them for when I’m wanting a statement outfit. PS… good tip is to go boot shopping towards the end of winter so you can get them on sale for next season.

So even if you’re sweltering in the South like me, pull those boots out!