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Fall Skin Care Tips and Sun Safety

 Set of 5 Different Autumn's Banners

Just because summer is coming to an end, does not mean you stop protecting your skin! Soaking up some sun at a fall festival or simply taking a walk outside can help you to receive an essential dose of Vitamin D, but you still need to take precautions. Follow these tips to take care of your skin this fall – and in every season:

  • DO regularly receive 15-20 minutes of midday sun exposure, exposing as much of the skin as possible while being careful not to burn.
  • DO wear sunscreen. Sunny, Cloudly, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – always! Wear sunscreen that is non-toxic and free of dyes, fragrance, and chemical irritants.  Tinted sunscreen is another product that protects your skin and which a touch of color.
  • DO wear a hat! The skin around your eyes and face is thinner than the rest of your body. Protect your skin by keeping your eyes shaded with a hat.
  • DON’T over expose your skin to the sun! Just because temperatures are lower, doesn’t mean you won’t burn or damage your skin. Too much sun speeds up your skin’s aging process and causes wrinkles, sun spots and damage. If you did soak up too much sun, Photofacials are a way to keep skin healthy and helps to remove sun spots or other pigmentation irregularities.
Have a fun and safe fall!
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Lychelle Jomsky
 is a member of The Breast Cancer Charities of America’s Advisory Board and a RN, Advanced Injector, and Senior Certified Laser Technician at Seychelles Med & Laser Spa in The Woodlands, Texas. Seychelles Med & Laser Spa’s mission is to provide the most advanced aesthetic and cosmetic procedures in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Seychelles uses the most advanced treatment techniques and equipment to maximize results and to ensure the safety of their clients. To learn more, visit SeychellesMedSpa.com

Cauliflower Pizza – A Quick, Healthy and Gluten Free Recipe

Cauliflower Pizza Chloe Wine

Learn how to make pizza with a crust made out of cauliflower! A quick and easy recipe that is gluten free and healthy for you.

Recipe brought to you by The Breast Cancer Charities of America

1 head cauliflower
1 egg
1 cup lowfat cottage cheese, drained
1 teaspoon oregano
2 teaspoon parsley
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon hot sauce
1 tablespoon coconut oil
non-stick cooking spray (coconut oil)

organic marinara sauce
cheese (non-dairy shredded almond cheese)


  1. Wash and trim leaves from cauliflower. Cut into quarters and remove center stems. Break into small pieces (florets) and place into food processor to grind into tiny pieces that looks like rice. Remove ungrated pieces and grind up cauliflower in batches if necessary. You can also use a cheese grater to break down cauliflower.
  2. In a large skillet, add coconut oil then turn to medium heat. Once heated, add cauliflower “rice” and stir occasionally. Cook for about 5 minutes or until cauliflower has slightly softened and is tender. Set aside.
  3. Drain cottage cheese with strainer or cheese cloth to remove excess liquid.
  4. In the food processor, add egg, cottage cheese, oregano, parsley, garlic powder, salt, pepper and hot sauce. Blend until smooth.
  5. In a large bowl, add cauliflower and cottage cheese mixture and stir until just combined.
  6. Preheat oven to 400 F degrees
  7. Spray baking sheet or pan with non-stick cooking spray. Spread mixture evenly into pan into a circle shape and pat/smooth down the edges.
  8. Bake at 400F for about 25-30 minutes or until “crust” is starting to brown.
  9. Add toppings. Place back into 400F oven and cook for 5 more minutes – or until lightly browned, crispy, and/or cheese has melted.
  10. Slice, serve and enjoy immediately

*Note: Pairs well with a glass of Chloe Wine Collection‘s Pinot Noir.

Chloe Wine is a sponsor of BCCA’s Wine Women & Shoes event on September 24, 2015. To learn more about this event, purchase tickets or how you can be a sponsor, please visit WineWomenandShoes.com/Houston

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How I Survived Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Written by Chiara D’Agostino, Breast Cancer Survivor and author of the Cancer Fashion Blog www.beautythroughthebeast.com 

I found the lump on my birthday, October 25th, 2014. It wasn’t a happy 43rd. August 2014 I had my routine mammogram and a week later the letter from the hospital arrived; everything was “normal.” Apparently, I have dense tissue in my breasts so the mammogram didn’t detect the lump. (Ladies, if you have dense tissue in your breasts – ask your radiologist – don’t stop at just a mammogram!) As soon as I felt it, I knew the mass didn’t belong in my body; fear enveloped me.

A mammogram, an ultrasound, an MRI, a chest and abdomen CT scan, a bone scan and a few biopsies later, I received the diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer, stage three. Triple negative means my cancer is not fueled by any hormones: estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors or human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2); it is fast growing and has a higher percentage of reoccurring in other parts of my body.

The thread throughout my cancer diagnosis was fear. It gripped me tightly in its hands and whirled me around until I was dizzy and exhausted. I felt alone in my terror; friends and family would try and ease the pain by saying “There’s a cure!” “Breast cancer is the best kind of cancer to have!” and “You’ll be fine, my sister/cousin/hairdresser had it and she survived!” I politely nodded my head, thinking to myself, “You’re not God, you don’t know if I will be that small percentage of women that die from breast cancer – it happens!” I was being realistic. I wanted my fear to be acknowledged; I longed to be heard, and held, not patronized.

The steps I took that got me through my cancer diagnosis and treatment:

  • I clearly asked for what I wanted, whether it was lentil soup, a foot massage, silently being held on the couch or phone calls from friends; I didn’t assume people knew what I wanted.
  • I was my own health advocate, making the necessary phone calls to my insurance and doctors: I scheduled many appointments, second and sometimes third opinions.
  • I accepted offers from friends, family and acquaintances for accompaniment to appointments; if no one offered, I asked. Even if it was a simple test I could clearly go to by myself, I needed their company to distract me from my catastrophic thinking.
  • I got a copy of every medical report, scan, test, x-ray, etc. that was done to me. I made sure I understood what was happening, asking my doctor questions along the way.
  • I kept a diary of all of my appointments; what was done, where, and who was the ordering doctor.
  • During chemo, I relied heavily on the nurses – they provide all the caring and a wealth of knowledge and tips.
  • I threw cancer parties: a “Fuck Cancer” party after I received my diagnosis, and a “Boob-bye” party the night before my mastectomy. I’m the kind of person that needs support from my friends, so I made it happen.
  • I wore my natural looking wig when I wanted, and replaced it with hats towards the end; the wig was annoying. I did have fun at one point and bought an array of different colored wigs: I felt like a rock star when I wore them and got many compliments.
  • I posted on Facebook (that’s my way of communicating to many people, but there’s also www.caringbridge.org) that I encouraged phone calls and visits, and then I received them – that made me happy.
  • I made sure to get out every day, whether to run an errand, have a meal with a friend or see a movie with one, getting out and hearing people talk about their lives was refreshing.
  • I watched a lot of television, which is unnatural for me. It took my mind off of myself, and during chemo, it helped me to relax; I stuck to comedy and romance.
  • I watched Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer It scared me, but it also made me feel like I am not alone.
  • I spoke to other survivors I knew and met up with them for coffee. When I felt overwhelmed, I took a break.
  • I made my cancer accessible: I answered people’s questions about my health and diagnosis then I’d change the subject.
  • I bought several breast cancer books and flipped through them, with a friend, when I had a specific question; reading them alone was too scary.
  • I joined Facebook groups for triple negative breast cancer and the likes, and when I got overwhelmed or scared, I stopped reading the posts.
  • I limited googling information about my type of cancer.
  • I brought the same friend with me to each important appointment; she took notes and learned the breast cancer vocabulary alongside me. I turned to her during my decision-making process.
  • I called a cancer support hotline in New York City, SHARE, and spoke at length to a survivor on the phone. I was relieved – I finally felt heard, understood and supported! I keep in close contact with SHARE and still go to their cancer support groups.
    • Cancer support groups are monumental in my recovery: I learn a lot from the facilitators and the survivors, and I can speak my mind in a safe environment, where I am unconditionally loved and understood.
    • I was afraid to attend support groups for fear of hearing horror stories. When I was ready, I gave it a try. I listened to each woman and learned, reminding myself that every woman is different and her story will not necessarily be mine.
    • I attended breast cancer support groups in various different locations, and only returned to those that have a well-trained facilitator; some are too big or disorganized.
  • I found a local, reputable hospital that offers free classes to cancer patients and attended their weekly Mindful Meditation class, Stress Management class, Art Therapy class and Chi Gong class. I could relate to the people and I benefitted from learning techniques to relax my body and mind.
  • I attended weekly therapy sessions with my therapist, sometimes more than once a week.
  • I spoke to the oncology social worker at my hospital as often as needed.
  • I saw a psychiatrist and got on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills; at first I felt ashamed, but once the pills took effect, I was relieved.
  • I cried when I felt like it – for me, it came out all at once when I arrived home from the hospital, post-mastectomy: a breakdown.
  • I visited a holistic healer weekly, the energy healing was nurturing. I yearned for healing hands on my body, not those that poked or prodded me.
  • I got massages or facials regularly. At the time, someone was helping me financially, but massage and Reiki can be found free for cancer patients at your hospital.
  • I rested when I was tired, sleeping as much as needed, guilt-free.
  • I accepted help and asked for it when wanted (not just needed.)
  • I aimed to walk an hour a day; it felt therapeutic to breathe fresh air and circulate the blood in my body.
  • I drank a lot of Fiji water.
  • I ate healthy- lots of protein, greens and fruit, limited sugar and dairy intake.
  • I posted on Facebook that I wanted soup, and got containers of delicious homemade soups delivered to my door for weeks!
  • I learned which family, friends and acquaintances are there for me and which aren’t. I was shocked in both good and bad ways, accepting the results.
  • I did a lot of journaling.
  • I created a cancer fashion blog, beautythroughthebeast.com and blog regularly.
  • I’m now giving back and reaching out to women who are being diagnosed.
  • I surround my self with positive affirmations.
  • I rid myself of toxic people and environments.
  • When I want to do something and hear a doubting voice in my head, I take action anyway! Today, I go for it. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so I make the most of today.


Fashion Show Designers Announced for Wine Women & Shoes

Pictured Above: Hector Villarreal, LUCHO & Erica Johnson, Breast Cancer Charities of America

Pictured Above: Hector Villarreal, LUCHO & Erica Johnson, Breast Cancer Charities of America

Four name-brand designers have joined the New York-Style Runway show that will be spotlighting the night at Wine Women and Shoes on September 24. 
Kendra Scott will be dazzling the runway as the Exclusive Jewelry Sponsor as well as the fabulous ‘Sip & Sparkle’ champagne & bling lounge; Trina Turk will be providing a sneak peek at their fall look-book as the Exclusive Apparel Sponsor; Elaine Turner will be showcasing their gorgeous line of Fall handbags; and Uptown Park’s custom shoe designer, LUCHO, will grace the catwalk with gorgeous stilettos every woman will want. 
“This is going to be THE Fall fashion event you will want to be at” said Erica Johnson, Executive Director of The Breast Cancer Charities of America.  “The looks that will be gracing the runway are stunning and this year we have some amazing surprises in the show that you won’t want to miss.”
Wine Women & Shoes Houston’s fashion show will also be celebrating the health and survivorship of five beautiful breast cancer survivors from Montgomery County who will be gracing the runway in gowns from Couture House.  The evening is presented by EXIT Lone Stare Realty and proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer Charities of America.
Tickets for Wine Women & Shoes are available now.  VIP tickets are available on a first come first serve basis.  Sponsorship opportunities also remain.  To find out more information visit: www.WineWomenandShoes.com/Houston  
Additional event sponsors include: BMW The Woodlands & Houston North, CHLOE Wine Collection, A Memorable Event, Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care, A Memorable Event, Morgan Stanley, The Lind Institute of Plastic Surgery, blo Blow Dry Bar, Massage Heights, Villa Sport, The Vein Doctors, Pinnacle Point Insurance, Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital, Speedpro Imaging, Mindy Harmon Photography, Brio Tuscan Grille, KB Kasuals, Rhinestone Leopard, Armario de la Bella, Tara Flannery Photography, Stori Brie Photography, Nnene Mbonu Photography, Nearly Me, Neal Hamil Agency, The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Double P Bakery, South Walton Florida, Reviewit, Sunny 99.1, Fox 26, The Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes, Living Magazine, ConnexionW, Community Impact, 99.7 K-Star Country, I am Magazine and Woodlands Online. 

DIY Fun Ideas for Shoe Makeover

Best in Shoe DIY WW&S

Turn a pair of old boring shoes into the BEST high heels ever! With these fun ideas and decorations, you can easily give any pair a fabulous makeover – and even possibly WIN the Best in Shoe contest at our upcoming Wine, Women & Shoes event on Thursday, September 24th. Learn more about the event at winewomenandshoes.com/houston

So grab your girlfriends – it’s time for a shoe makeover!


First, grab a pair of plain high heels. We found this pair for only $16 at a local discount shoe store!
Next, assemble your favorite decorations (feathers, bling, ribbon, glitter, etc), adhesive (Mod Podge, Hot Glue gun and glue), scissors, paper to cover the table, old shoe box (for sprinkling glitter or painting), craft brushes and sponges, and put on your creative thinking hat.
Now, it’s time to start decorating!


How to create a pink-tastic feathered pair of blinged-out heels:
1. With a hot glue gun, apply string of silver sequins at around the shoe’s toe by placing a line of hot glue and pressing the string of sequins carefully with an end of a marker/pencil/pointer object.

2. Next apply pink feathers from the heel to the toe of each side with a glue gun. You can do this carefully by placing hot glue onto the shoe (one feather at a time) then carefully using pointer object (or end of a marker/pencil) to press “stem” into glue.

2. One at a time, apply black feathers to the outside of each shoe with hot glue then press on gems with sticky backing.

3. Cut pink ribbon and form into shape of breast cancer pink ribbon. Use a hot glue gun to secure ribbon onto toe of shoe. Then add a dot of hot glue and jewel on top of where the ribbon crosses to secure the ribbon in place – with bling!

4. Using a craft brush, paint platform at the toe of the shoe with Mod Podge. Hold back feathers and sprinkle on light pink glitter.

5. Using a craft brush, paint heel of the shoe with Mod Podge. Hold back feathers and sprinkle on hot pink glitter.

6. Let the shoes and glue sit at least overnight to seal and harden.

7. Wear to your next fabulous event – like Women, Wine and Shoes on Thursday, September 24th!

Join us for Wine, Women & Shoes! Be there. Be fabulous with your NEW DIY shoes! Featuring wine tasting, Shoe & accessory shopping galore, dazzling fashion show, exciting silent & live auction, dream closet raffle, charming shoe guys and more!

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015
Time: 5:30 to 9pm
Location: The Woodlands Waterway Marriott
Purchase tickets at: WineWomenandShoes.com/Houston
Limited Reserved seating, Complimentary VIP Wine Service During Fashion Show, Preferred Show Seating, Fabulous Swag Bag, VIP Badge Recognition and more!

How To Make Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini Noodles Recipe

Learn how to make Zucchini Noodles (or Zoodles) at home with only a few simple steps! Zoodles are a fun easy way to enjoy your vegetables and are a great gluten free pasta substitute!

Servings: 1-2*
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 5-10 minutes

1 Zucchini, Organic
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Salt, to taste (optional)
Pepper, to taste (optional)
Marinara Sauce and/or favorite toppings

1. Wash zucchini well prior to slicing.
2. Remove ends and cut zucchini into thin slices lengthwise. Cut Slices into thin “noodle-like” strips.
3. In a large skillet, add olive oil and turn stove to medium heat. Wait until oil is heated and moves easily around pan (see video), then add zucchini “noodles.”
4. Stir occasionally by turning and flipping noodles. Keep noodles evenly spaced on skillet when sautéing and cook until al dente. This will keep noodles from becoming mushy or breaking apart.
5. Serve immediately with your favorite marinara sauce and/or toppings.
6. Enjoy!

*Note: If additional servings are needed, cook zucchini noodles in batches. This will allow space in between the slices to properly cook the noodles al dente.

Stay tuned for more recipes and healthy tips!

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BCCA Partners With Macy’s For 10th Annual “Shop For A Cause”

BCCA Shop For A Cause Macy's

Macy’s will partner with The Breast Cancer Charities of America to invite customers to participate in Macy’s 10th annual national “Shop For A Cause” charity shopping event on August 29, 2015. Customers can purchase shopping passes from The Breast Cancer Charities of America now. Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” is a unique one-day-only shopping event created to support local charities’ fundraising efforts. Since 2006, the program has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for charities across the country.

“Macy’s is proud to invite our customers to join us in giving back to causes that make a difference both locally and nationally,” said Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer. “For the last nine years, Macy’s Shop For A Cause program has raised many millions of dollars for thousands of charities across the country. We look forward to offering our customers and associates an easy way to make a positive impact in our communities while enjoying great savings at Macy’s.”

Macy’s has provided The Breast Cancer Charities of America with shopping passes to sell for $5 each. The Breast Cancer Charities of America will keep 100 percent of every shopping pass it sells. The more The Breast Cancer Charities of America sells, the more money it will raise!

By purchasing a shopping pass from The Breast Cancer Charities of America, customers support women battling breast cancer while enjoying a day of spectacular discounts, entertainment and special events at Macy’s. Pass holders will receive special discounts on most regular, sale and clearance purchases all day, but some exclusions apply.

For more information about Macy’s “Shop For A Cause,” visit macys.com/shopforacause. To purchase a shopping pass from The Breast Cancer Charities of America, visit donate.breastcancercharities.org/ShopForACause

Screenshot 2015-07-30 10.05.07Screenshot 2015-07-30 10.05.39

Stretching: From Hospital Bed To Floor

BCCA Pure Barre Stretch.004
Stretching can help anyone at any time! It helps relax, lengthen and release tension from muscles no matter what your physical ability is.

It’s important to start at an easy/moderate stretch and work on flexibility before working your way up to a deeper stretch. It’s best if your muscles are warmed up to increase your flexibility, but really, it can be done even while watching TV!

BCCA Pure Barre Stretch.001

Make sure when reaching for your toes you avoid rounding out your back and try to release from your waist, relax your shoulders, take nice deep breathes and hold anywhere from 20 seconds to 45 seconds, always continuing to breathe.

BCCA Pure Barre Stretch.002

A side bend stretch releases all the tension from your rib cage down to your ‘seat’ (glute) muscles – hold this one where you feel a nice lengthening down the side, but stop before you feel too much pain or resistance. Your body will tell you.

BCCA Pure Barre Stretch.003

Jaimee Myers is a member of The Breast Cancer Charities of America’s Advisory Board and owner of Pure Barre in The Woodlands, Texas. She has been an athlete all her life – from competitive ski racing to collegiate soccer to Ironman triathlons – and spreads the Pure Barre technique to clients, who see results while having a great time. Pure Barre is all about small, isometric movements that anyone can benefit from – it strengthens, arms, abs and legs without creating bulk. To learn more, visit http://purebarre.com/TX-woodlands/

15 Minutes Can Save Your Life

Breast cancer design, vector illustration.Let’s talk. How often are you conducting a self breast examination? Or at all? For both women AND men – it’s important to know the symptoms of breast cancer and what to look for. It’s time to take charge health.

Perform A  Monthly Breast Self-Examination

Once a month, every month, without fail, set aside 15 minutes to conduct a thorough breast self-examination. Female, Male, over or under the age of 50. This is an important step to take towards the early detection of breast cancer. Remember: when caught early, breast cancer has a 98% survival rate.

What do I do?
1. In front of a mirror look for abnormalities in a normal stance: redness, soreness, rash or swelling.
2. Raise your arm and look for abnormalities: redness, soreness, rash or swelling
3. Look for signs of fluid.
4. Feel your breast while lying down for abnormalities.
5. Feel your breast while standing or sitting for abnormalities.

Download our FREE Self Breast Examination Card to save these steps, print as a reference guide, and share with friends and family! Click here to download.

Depositphotos_60567837_s-2015Once a month? What if I forget?
Add a reminder to your calendar, create a task and set an alarm on your phone, or sign up for our once-a-month notification update system!
By signing up for this update, you will receive an email once a month, on the 1st of every month, reminding you to perform a self exam and take steps in early breast cancer detection:

How to make Red or Pink Food Coloring

Natural Homemade Red Food Coloring

Avoid artificial food coloring and make your own at home! Learn how to make homemade Pink or Red food coloring by using fresh raspberries.

1. Place 1 cup (or more) fresh, washed organic raspberries into the blender. Blend until raspberries turn into a thick liquid (about 1-2 minutes). If having trouble liquidating, add 2 tablespoons of water and then blend.
2. Pour liquid through a fine strainer to remove seeds. Use spoon or spatula to push through.
3. In a small saucepan, cook on medium low heat (very low boil) until liquid becomes a thick, colorful paste.
4. Add immediately into your favorite recipes.
5. To store, pour into an ice cube tray and place into the freezer for future use.

Stay tuned for more recipes and healthy tips!

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