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The Pink 5K Fundraiser Guide

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Thank you for registering for The Pink 5K! 

Haven’t signed up? You still have time! You, your friends, family, and loved ones can still take advantage of Early Bird Registration, buy tickets, and join a team at ThePink5K.com

Buy Tickets

So, what’s next? Now that you have reserved your spot, you now have the opportunity to create a team or raise funds individually to further support women with breast cancer. After registering for the event, you should have received an email with the subject title “The Pink 5K Purchase Receipt” confirming the registration as well as an invitation to claim and log into your personal online fundraising account. If you have any issues logging into or setting up your account please feel free to contact us at jen@igopink.org.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 14.16.32

Now that you have claimed your account, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming an official 2016 Pink 5K Fundraiser! To get started, we have shared tips on how to get the ball rolling and spread the news about your campaign. We are THRILLED that you have chosen to show your support and we will be here every step of the way to cheer you on!


Getting Started Tips


1. Personalize Your Fundraising Page

Let’s get personal! Update your online fundraising page to make it your own, to honor a friend or family member, and so that your page is easily recognizable to people that know you and your cause. You can add your own text, pictures, or even video!



Remember, potential donors will be interested in your cause, but they are primarily interested in YOU. Make sure you tell them why you are getting involved and what your connection is to the Pink 5K and supporting women with breast cancer – it doesn’t have to be long!

Pink5K 2016

2. Self Donate To Your Page

Make a Donation to your OWN Page. Why? Friends, family and page visitors are more likely to donate to your page when they see that someone has already contributed. Donating some of your own money also demonstrates to potential campaign supporters that your are serious about helping the cause.


3. Update your Facebook profile to show your support!

Share your campaign with your friends, family and followers on Facebook! Simply choose the image or images you like, save the photo, and update your Facebook profile photos.

To save a photo, click and hold (Mac) or right mouse click (PC) on the image until a dialog box appears. Then select “save” to have your own copy of the image. You can then update your profile photos by uploading the image(s) on Facebook.


Profile Photo:

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3: Be Creative. Create your own! Use a photo from last year’s race, take a selfie dressed in your best pink attire, share a photo honoring a loved one – the options are endless! Have fun and update your photo as race day draws nearer.


Cover Photo (Profile Banner):

Option 1:


Click here to view and save the original image to fit the recommended Facebook profile cover photo size (dimensions 851px by 351px).

Option 2:


Click here to view and save the original image to fit the recommended Facebook profile cover photo size (dimensions 851px by 351px).

Option 3: Create Your Own! Take a group photo with your team, make and snap a picture of a homemade sign asking for support, create a photo collage of why YOU are participating in the Pink 5K and raising funds for breast cancer, and so much more.


Facebook Example:

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.17.32


4. Share on Social

Now that you have updated your Facebook page photos, now it’s time to get social! Start fundraising through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your other social media accounts with these tips:

  • Share the news. Post an update that you are attending the Pink 5K and fundraising to support women with breast cancer! Be sure to share your fundraising page URL, explain why you are supporting the cause, share inspiring stories, and encourage your family and friends to donate.

Save and share the images below with your personal message on your Facebook timeline:

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


  • Create a Facebook Event. Setup your own Facebook event page, invite your friends, and post updates on your progress! Learn how to create your own Facebook event by clicking here.
  • Tag Your Friends and Donors. Start on Facebook by tagging those that have already donated and thanking them for their donations. When you tag someone your post gets shared in your activity feed and the other person’s activity feed too. This also sets the frame that people are already donating to your page!
  • Set Goals. $200 by one week, $400 by two weeks, etc. Use your social media accounts to update followers on your progress towards each goal and ask for people to help you get over the next hurdle.
  • Consider Gifts. Offer your own gifts to friends and family who helped you reach your goal. Or provide a raffle or prizes for certain giving levels. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a token of your appreciation.

Screenshot 2016-01-19 14.49.18

5. Individually Email 5-10 Closest To You

Ask family and friends for donations! Getting your “inner circle” to donate to your page will help you build up some momentum. It’s also good to start with the people you are most comfortable with. Don’t have their email? Send them a text!

Sample Email Fundraising Strategy:

  • Day 1 Email #1: Send 5-10 very close contacts (family and your closest friend or two).
  • Day 2 Email #2: Send to 10-15 close contacts (your entire circle of good friends).
  • Day 3 Email #3: Send to as many other contacts you feel comfortable sending a message to (co-workers, friends, friends of friends, distant relatives, your address book, etc.).


Thank you so much again for becoming an official 2016 Pink 5K Fundraiser!

Remember to have fun and know that your all of your hard work is going to help support women battling breast cancer. Through the generosity of people like you, we can PRESS forward in the fight against breast cancer and continue our program services that focus on Prevention, Research, Education, Survival, and Support. Happy fundraising!

A Valentine’s Day Gift That Keeps Giving

This Valentine’s Day, give a gift that keeps on GIVING!

Skip the flowers and chocolates.

Show your Valentine that you care by supporting breast cancer patients in their honor.

Valentines Day Give Graphic.001


How do I donate in my Valentine’s honor? 


Screenshot 2016-02-05 11.59.01


Step 1) Select an amount to donate.
                No matter how large or small, you donation makes a difference in the lives of patients battling breast cancer.


Step 2) Dedicate your donation to your Valentine, a family member, cancer survivor, or loved one.
                Check the box next to “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone.” Choose 1 out of 4 FREE e-cards, add a personal message, and preview your card.


Step 3) Press “Send”
                Complete your donation and send the e-Card to your Valentine!



Screenshot 2016-02-08 10.04.32


Screenshot 2016-02-08 16.12.14


Your gifts help provide support to breast cancer patients and their families during their darkest times.
Thank YOU for helping the Breast Cancer Charities of America make a difference this Valentine’s Day and EVERY day!

The Pink 5K FAQ’s

PINK5K Social Banner.001

Have a question about the 3rd Annual Pink 5K? Here our the top 14 FAQ’s and answers:

  1. Where can I buy a ticket?
  2. What are the ticket prices?
    $30 for early bird registration (through March 31); $35 from April 1-April 31; $40 from May 1-7; $45 day of event (*note, shirts/shirt sizes not guaranteed if registering after May 1)
  3. Where will we run? And what time should we arrive?
    The fantastic Rob Fleming Park in Creekside, The Woodlands, TX. The gorgeous 5k route will take you past lakes, through tree lined areas and makes for a beautiful ambiance to run or walk! (Click here for a map to the park…easy parking all around the facility and can’t miss it by the sea of pink!)Rob Fleming Park Legend 1 Screenshot 2015-05-05 16.40.35
  4. Does everyone get a t-shirt and medal?
    Every registered adult (ages 13 and above) will receive both a t-shirt and a finish line medal. For our fun little runners under 13, every registered child will receive a t-shirt plus a kid-friendly goodie out of our finish line kids bin!20150509_Pink5K_010-2
  5. When is packet pick up?
    Packet pick up will be held on Thursday, Feb 5 and Friday Feb 6 from 11am-6pm both days at Luke’s Locker in Market Street, The Woodlands. (Click here for a map to the location).
  6. Can I run with a stroller? Can my kids participate?
    YES to both! We are a family friendly event and believe that fun runs are meant to be just that…FUN for all! We will kindly ask that all families (with kids or strollers) start near the back of the heats to allow our serious runners the opportunity to clock their speedy times!
  7. What is the ‘Honor Wall’ and how can I participate?
    With a $10 donation, you can honor your mother and/or a loved one on the Honor Wall located at The Pink 5K for all attendees to see. It’s a wonderful early Mother’s Day Gift that helps support women with breast cancer. You can pre-purchase and personalize the dedication card with their name when you register at www.Pink5K.org 11108831_10152763780501205_1487636295264623281_n
  8. Are there awards and contests I can win?
    Of course. What would a race be without awards? We will have awards for the first place male and female runners. We will also have awards for the top fundraising individual and the top fundraising team!IMG_9968
  9. Are there any tips on how to train or what to wear for the event?
    ABSOLUTELY—we love our dedicated and creative costume participants!   The more creative the better. Remember our event motto is: “Have Fun. Do Good.”….so get your creative hats on! 1546098_10152763776381205_5903048983370954332_n
  10. Is the race ‘fur-baby’ (aka. Dog) friendly?

Fido is more than welcome to come with you but we ask for them to stay in the Rob Fleming Park area and not on our race paths. Although you may have the sweetest dog ever (that could outrun everyone for the 5k trophy), they can be suddenly spooked by people, crowds, etc and we want to keep all of our participants safe! But let your pup enjoy the pre-and post festivities as we love our supporters no matter if they’re adults, kids or fur-babies. (Who ever thought that Fido would look so cute in a pink tutu?? We’re just saying…get creative!!)


  1. What happens if there is bad weather?

It is always our goal that the “event will go on”….however, if there is thunder or lightening, the safety of our participants is our TOP priority and concern!

  1. Is the event chip-timed?

The Pink 5k is a fun-run…no chip timing. We’re here to run (or walk) as fast as we can to beat breast cancer, but everyone is a winner no matter what the clock says. Come out and have a FUN time with us!

  1. What do I need to bring with me on race-day?

Simple check list would include:

  • Race bib & safety pins (which you will receive all at packet pick up)
  • Your Pink 5k t-shirt (if you like to wear it on the race path…otherwise get creative and make your own costume!)
  • Money or a credit card if you want to participate in the ‘Honor Wall’ (note: if you pre-purchased honor wall items online or at packet pick up, we will have them pre-posted and/or ready for you to personalize!)
  1. Can I change my shirt size?

We know that sizes can always be different (our t-shirts run very true to size). So we ask that you pick your best fit when you register. If it’s too big/small, you’re welcome to bring it to the registration tent on race day to see what sizes remain…but we like to keep true to our word: if you signed up for a size, we’re going to do our best to have that shirt size there for you!


Did not answer your questions? Please email us at info@igopink.org and we would love to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at The Pink 5k on Saturday, May 7!


How To Add NEW YouTube Donation Cards

Great news! YouTube, the video-sharing website that many of us use daily, announced yesterday that they have rolled out a new feature called “donation cards.” Along with other pre-existing “cards” available to YouTube content creators, donation cards are now available to appear on videos. The custom cards can now be created to invite subscribers and viewers to donate directly from the video to the YouTuber’s favorite nonprofit.

So how does it work? To add a donation card, you must have a YouTube account and have uploaded a video or videos to your channel. Now let’s get started!

1. Sign into your YouTube account, go to your Video Manager.

2. Go to “Videos” and on an uploaded video, click the “down arrow” button, and on the drop down select “Cards.”

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.29.54

3. The selected video will appear and begin to play. Click on “Add card“, locate “Donation” on the dropdown, and click the “Create” button.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.30.33

4. Next, type in the name of any any United States, IRS-validated 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization, such as our nonprofit organization listed as “iGoPink” for The Breast Cancer Charities of America.

Once you have typed in the nonprofit’s name (such as “iGoPink“), the name will appear, click on the organization’s image (if available), and select “Create card.”

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.30.53

5. Now you are able to customize the card by adding a title, teaser text, and select “Create card.”


Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.51.37

You can even change the image from the selected image options; however, you cannot upload a new image.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.46.03

6. After the card is created, you can change where the card appears in your video by dragging the slider, located underneath the video, to the desired time (for example, 1:06 in this video below).

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.50.13

7. Note that just like other YouTube card selections, you cannot add 2 cards that promote the same link, nonprofit, video, playlist, or function. (see warning below)

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.53.17

8. Your card is now automatically saved and visible to all subscribers and viewers who watch your video!

The “card” will appear at the designated time and in the top right hand corner of the video (Desktop view).

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.54.29

If a viewer selects the card, an additional panel with your message (custom title and teaser) will appear (Desktop view).

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.54.47

Once the viewer selects the message on the new panel, a pop up will appear over the video and gives the viewer an opportunity to make a donation. The viewer can select $5, $10, $20, or other amount to donate before selecting Next.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.55.00

In the final step, the viewer (and donor) can review their donation, add a payment method, and press Accept and Donate to make a donation to iGoPink or another U.S. nonprofit organization.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.55.21

Watch YouTube’s “donation card” feature in action by viewing iGoPink’s Apple Pie Bites video below! The “donation card” will appear at 1:06.

YouTube has over a billion users that now have new opportunities to do good for great causes across the United States! We hope you try YouTube’s newest feature and transform each view into a donation.

For more information or questions about how to setup donation cards to help benefit iGoPink, please contact Jen at jen@igopink.org

Thank YOU so much for helping iGoPink make a difference and support breast cancer patients that need our help!

8 Tips To Eat Healthy At Restaurants

Healthy restaurant guide


Make healthy choices even when you’re dining out! These tips will help you to make healthier choices when enjoying a meal or happy hour at your favorite restaurant or local dive.

  1. Before you go, look up the Restaurant’s menu and nutritional facts online! Many restaurants offer information about their dishes, drinks, dressings and more on their website.
  2. Sip and Save the Calories
  • Best option: WATER! Order and sip on a glass of water even if you are planning to order another beverage. This will keep you hydrated and fill up without any added calories.
  • Iced Tea – unsweetened
  • Avoid high calorie drinks like juice, cola, sweet tea, lemonade, or fancy alcoholic beverages or mocktails like margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas
  • Avoid or limit your alcoholic beverages per consumption recommendations to no more than 1 per day, unless instructed by your doctor otherwise. If you do choose to drink, drink responsibly with a meal and make sure to drink plenty of water in between sips.
  1. Go for lean protein
  • Chicken breast – boneless, skinless
  • Fish and Seafood – wild caught
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Turkey Breast – boneless, skinless
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Beans
  • Nuts and seeds
    Meats to skip or cut back on
  • Red meat
  • Bacon
  • Hot dogs or sausage
  • Cold Cuts
  • Processed meats
  • Preserved meats
  1. Fill up on greens that are:
  • Dark green and leafy
  • Fresh
  • Colorful
  • Steamed or grilled with healthy fats
    TIP: A salad that is full of raw fresh vegetables is a great way to fill up on nutrients instead of a heavy meal that is high in calories. Be careful to review and omit unhealthy toppings or dressings! Choose low fat and calorie dressings like balsamic vinegar.
  1. Limit or skip:
  • Appetizers – avoid filling up on empty calories before a meal
  • Bread, pastries or baked goods
  • Creamy soups
  • Pasta
  • Rice – avoid white and choose brown or wild rice when steamed or fresh vegetables aren’t an option
  • Potatoes or starchy vegetables (that includes fries and chips!)
  • Sugary, glazed or canned fruit
  • Sides made with dairy products such as cream, butter or cheese
  • Sides topped with unhealthy meats like bacon bits, chips, fried ingredients (chips, shrimp, strips), or processed meats
  1. Avoid dishes that are:
  • Fried, breaded, crispy, creamy, or au gratin
  • Cooked/Sautéed in butter or unhealthy fats/oils like
  • Covered with a heavy or creamy sauce (peanut sauce, ranch, caesar, blue cheese), sweet sauces (barbecue, ketchup, duck sauce, syrup, fruit glazes), heavy condiments (mayonnaise) or high calorie dressings
  • Watch out of unhealthy toppings! Omit cheese, croutons, crisps, chips, strips, wontons, or fried toppings
  1. What do I say?
  • Large portions? Order the lunch, half portion, or appetizer size of the dish. If you can’t order a smaller portion, cut the meal in half immediately and plan to take the dish to go.
  • Order your food “naked”, without sauces, dressings, and toppings, or order them “on the side”.
  • Ask that your meal be prepared without butter or oil. Restaurants will often be willing to steam, grill, bake, broil, poach, or roast your dish or side instead.
  • Ask for more options that may not appear on the menu.
  • Compare and choose healthier sauces, dressings and toppings.
  1. Sweet Tooth
  • Skip dessert or limit your intake (share one dessert for the table)
  • Order a cup of fresh berries or fruit instead (without cream or covered in chocolate)
  • Bring an individually wrapped square of dark chocolate with you to reward yourself at the end of the meal. This will be a way to reward yourself for making healthy choices!

Think positive! You CAN make healthy choices AND enjoy dining out.


Be sure to share these 8 Healthy Eating Restaurant Tips with your friends and family! It’s easier to stay on track if you support each other in making healthy choices together.

Join us this January and CLICK HERE download our #iGoPinkChallenge Guide to help make wise choices when cooking at home or eating out!



The Pink 5k Returns to The Woodlands

PKWY Pink5K 2016

The Pink 5k is returning to The Woodlands on Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Creekside Park, for the third consecutive year, benefitting The Breast Cancer Charities of America.  Presented by Northside Imports- FIAT- Alfa Romeo- Maserati, The Pink 5k sold out in 2015 and expects to be another sell out in 2016 with over 1,000 walkers and runners on Mother’s Day weekend.

“We are excited to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend with the community by honoring moms and women everywhere through The Pink 5k!” said Erica Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of The Breast Cancer Charities of America.  “What better way to honor the women in your life than walking to win the fight against breast cancer.”

The race is open to all ages (including children, dogs and even strollers).  Awards will be given to all participants as well as special awards for top fundraising teams and individuals.

Early Bird Registration is open now at www.ThePink5k.com  for only $30 until March 31.

Proceeds from The Pink 5k will go to help the charity’s mission to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening illness and to directly help women to prevent & survive breast cancer through their program services.

Sponsorship opportunities remain.  For questions or to get involved with The Pink 5k, contact BCCA’s offices at 936.231.8460 or Info@iGoPink.org

Pink 5K 2016 Event Page


16 Turmeric Health Benefits and Recipes

Turmeric, the yellow-orange spice, not only is a great addition to your favorite curry, rice or tofu recipes, but also offers many amazing health benefits! Turmeric comes from the Curcuma longa plant, has a peppery, warm and bitter flavor, and a light orange and ginger fragrance.

Here are 16 health benefits of Turmeric:

  1. Natural Anti-inflammatory
  2. Can help to prevent many types of cancer and inhibits cancer cell growth
  3. Antibacterial
  4. Helps relieve Rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Protects and improves liver function
  6. Lowers cholesterol
  7. Helps lower risk of heart disease
  8. Protects against Alzheimer’s disease
  9. Increases anti-oxidant capacity
  10. Anti-depressant
  11. Treat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
  12. Anti-oxidant
  13. Anti-diabetic and antioxidant in diabetes
  14. Antibacterial
  15. Wound healing
  16. Weight Loss

WOW! That’s one incredible spice! Now how do you enjoy Turmeric?


Add turmeric to…

  • egg or tofu scrambles
  • omelets
  • frittatas
  • rice
  • greens
  • roasted vegetables
  • soups
  • chili
  • curry
  • stews
  • stir-fry
  • dressing and sauces
  • seasonings and rubs
  • smoothies
  • tea
  • and so much more!

Have a favorite recipe or tip of how to use turmeric? Share your advice in the comments below!

Are 2015 Donations Tax Deductible?

Thank You hand lettering and doodles elements background. Vector illustration

Thank YOU for helping The Breast Cancer Charities of America make a difference in 2015!

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

Not only are you helping others and making a difference, but did you know your donation IS also tax deductible?! You are able to deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations, such as BCCA, if you itemize your deductions.

YES, the Breast Cancer Charities of America is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. A donation to BCCA can be made online at donate.thebreastcancercharities.org/donateigopink

To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep a copy of your receipt of your donation for your records. Once your online donation to BCCA is processed, we will send you an email with your donation receipt.

YES! I want to make a tax deductible donation

Make A Difference

With your generosity – no matter how big or small – your donation to BCCA IS making a difference!

But, how exactly does your donation make a difference?
You are impacting the lives of breast cancer patients currently going through treatment and struggling financially to pay their growing pile of bills. The Help Now Fund, one of BCCA’s program services, provides emergency financial assistance for past due rent and utility bills to these women and is funded by people just like you.

Thank You Card

Your Donation Of…

  • $10 donation can send $1,300 of medical goods / medicines to breast cancer patients through our medical missions program service
  • $15 donation pays for a Feeling Beautiful Again basket and educational information to be sent to a patient going through breast cancer
  • $20 pays for the tools for 4 students in our iGoPink Educational Workshop Program
  • $30 can pay for the water bill for a woman going through breast cancer
  • $50 pays to keep the heat on and house warm during the cold winter months
  • $250 pays for an average past-due electric bill
  • $500 helps to pay for the rent of a patient going through breast cancer
  • $1,000 underwrites the quarterly training of our iGoPink Ambassador Program and educational materials
  • You are also helping women to be educated, informed and empowered about preventing and surviving breast cancer!
  • …and so much more!

Learn more about how we put your gifts to work through BCCA’s program services: Adult Education, Help Now Fund, Feeling Beautiful Again, University Education, Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Research & Education, Medical Missions, Cards of Hope

Learn More

Only a few days left in 2015!

Donate today to The Breast Cancer Charities of America and you will help support women battling breast cancer, support program services that focus on Prevention, Research, Education, Survival, and Support, and join the fight to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.
Thank you for your support and generosity!

Screenshot 2015-12-14 16.56.40

January 2016: Take the 31 Day #iGoPinkChallenge

iGoPinkChallenge Guide Banner

This January join us and take the #iGoPinkChallenge! Complete the challenge of the day by making healthy choices with the help of the #iGoPinkChallenge January guide. On social media we will also share daily tips, recipes, and workouts – so be sure to follow us on Facebook and online!

Ready to take on the #iGoPinkChallenge? Click HERE to download the FREE iGoPinkChallenge January Guide.

iGoPinkChallenge January.001

This January you can also join BCCA’s Jen by going Vegan! Take the #iGoVeganChallenge by eating a plant-based diet without meat or animal products. Click here to download the FREE #iGoVeganChallenge guide.


Get Inspired and Involved!

1. Print and post the guide on the fridge, wall, office or a visible location that will remind you to keep on track! Complete the guide by checking off your daily challenge, writing down what you ate and drank, and documenting your workout.

2. Check in online! Share a picture or video with a description of what you ate, recipes, workouts and healthy tips on social media with hashtags #iGoPinkChallenge #iGoVeganChallenge and mention @iGoPink (Facebook and Twitter) or @_iGoPink (Instagram)! We will be announcing a winner every week who will receive an iGoPink bracelet and shirt PLUS we will share your post on our iGoPink social media accounts!

3. Check back daily! Follow us on social media and the iGoPink blog for more healthy tips, recipes, workouts and inspiration!

4. Subscribe to receive weekly emails! Get motivated and become part of the #iGoPinkChallenge group. Sign up here below:

5 Healthy Recipes for New Year’s Eve

The new year is almost here and at the Breast Cancer Charities of America we are ready for an exciting and eventful 2016! To celebrate, here are 5 healthy recipes to enjoy at your New Year’s Eve party.

1. Cauliflower Pizza

Learn how to make pizza with a crust made out of cauliflower! A quick and easy recipe that is gluten free and healthy for you.

Get the recipe

Cauliflower Pizza Chloe Wine

2. 5 Ingredient Hummus Dip

This recipe only takes a few affordable ingredients, takes less than 5 minutes to make, and can be eaten immediately or chilled for a few hours until you are ready to serve and enjoy.

Get the recipe

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 4.07.25 PM

3. Pesto Pecan Stuffed Mushrooms

A fun appetizer that is bursting with flavor and made with a delicious oil-free pecan pesto. Get the recipe

Pesto Pecan Stuffed Mushrooms

4. Zucchini Nachos

Love nachos? Zucchini Nachos are a healthy, vegan and vegetarian twist on a Tex-Mex favorite. Get the recipe

Zucchini Nachos Recipe ILoveFlavor

5. Coconut Almond Energy Bites

Skip the candy and high calorie sweets. Here is a healthy treat that is naturally sweet, satisfying and oh-so-delicious! Get the recipe

Coconut Almond Energy Bites

Have a happy and healthy New Year’s Eve!