Spring/Summer Tea, Anyone?

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Green tea offers many health benefits. There are even studies that suggest that drinking green tea may slow down cancer growth. Other benefits include, but not limited to, stabilization of cholesterol, prevention of cardiovascular disease, promotion of weight loss, boosts metabolism, eases the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, reduces in tooth decay, effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, slows onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, fights causes of allergies, aids in reduction and prevention of acne, and even slows down the aging process to prevent wrinkles!
Why not plan a spring tea party for your friends and family? Come up with a theme or just decorate a lovely table along with a gorgeous flower centerpiece. The ideas are limitless. Discuss with the girls the wonderful benefits of green tea and make a plan to start your summer health kick.

Crafts For The Cure

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All ladies enjoy crafts. Why not make something special to brighten up someone’s day in the hospital or to bring breast cancer awareness to others?

Brighten Someone’s Day
Make a card. You can go to any store and get cute butterfly stickers or items to make flowers like the gorgeous daffodils in this example. Be creative. Put your heart into it. Brighten someone’s day with encouragement and creativity.


Pink Ribbons Bringing Awareness

Pink Ribbon Charm Bracelet

• Make a charm bracelet with pink ribbon charms interlaced with pink beads and silver spacers. Use a memory wire or an elastic beading thread to string all elements of the bracelet. For a memory wire, twist the ends under with needle-nose jewelry pliers to secure; with elastic string, secure with a double knot touched with jewelry glue and obscure the knotted section inside one of the larger beads.

Watermelon Beauty

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Every lady wants a flawless and glowing complexion. Watermelon is healthy snack choice as well as a beauty choice. Who knew?

  Application of Watermelon face Packs

The best way to utilize the watermelon is to use it as a face pack, especially after a hot summer days’ outing.

  Watermelon Face Pack 1:

Try this invigorating watermelon face pack to give your face the cool, clean and youthful look. Take one cup of watermelon pulp and apply on face and neck. Rinse face and neck after 15 minutes. Your skin becomes soft and supple.

  Watermelon Face Pack 2 – ‘For sunburns and suntans’

Prepare a watermelon and cucumber face pack by mixing equal proportions of watermelon and cucumber pulp and leave it on your face for twenty minutes.
This face pack heals the sunburns and lightens your complexion.
Dust and pollution closes the pores of your skin and makes it look dull and dark. Just rub watermelon and mint leaves frozen into ice cubes all over the face to open the pores. Your face will be fresh and clean in no time.

  Grated Watermelon Scrub

Squeeze out the juice from grated watermelon and mix with a pinch of gram flour. Apply the paste on the face and leave it for fifteen minutes. The pulp is an excellent scrub and leaves your skin glowing.

Yes, watermelon is the perfect solution to your beauty aspirations.

Submitted By : Hannah Punitha

Reviewed By : Dr Sunil Shroff

Enjoy The Sun This Spring!

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A nice stroll on a beautiful spring day may sound like an obvious, simple activity but, it can do wonders for your mood! Karen Salmansohn says that “Sunny weather literally creates a sunnier mood.”  Sun helps folks to thrive.  It was even found that patients in beds closer to windows have a shorter stay in the hospital compared to those with beds away from a window. Why not enjoy the warm, crispy rays?

What about sidewalk chalk? Who says that you have to be a child to enjoy some sidewalk fun? I always found that coloring with crayons was therapeutic so why not transfer color time to the outdoors!

Explore springtime. Explore sunshine and flowers. Sun brings smiles to faces everywhere!