“The Pink Ribbon Dance”

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Watch as Providence St. Vincent Medical Center dances to Jay Sean “Down”


29 yr old woman Shaves her head due to Breast Cancer

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NFL Steelers & Chargers Go Pink for Breast Cancer

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Flipping around the tv tonight and what do I dawn up?  Men wearing pink….not just any men, but football players!  See gents…real men do wear pink!

Golf Tees

It’s about time in our minds that men jump on board with these events more and more often.  Now to convince our husbands that they too can wear neon pink and still be manly!  Go NFL—time to get more of the sports on board for the month.

What should be next, hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis????

So You Think You Can Dance: Breast Cancer Dance

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Tonight was a re-cap of some of the best performances from “So You Think You Can Dance”…for any of you who missed it, this tribute dance to breast cancer patients is amazing.  So touching you can’t help but feel the emotion.  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrILXIASpSM]