Stress Relief Tactics

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10 Ways to De-Stress

by Tristan Cablay


Are you stressed out? Your body can tell! Stress is unhealthy. Like a double burger with fries and a milkshake, it packs on “emotional pounds” faster than a late night stop to the local fast food restaurant!   So, we have compiled several easy ways to de-stress…

Breathe! Deep breathing provides the body with extra oxygen. It slows the heart rate down and it allows you to STOP and take a moment.

Laugh! Laughter is truly the best medicine! Connect with someone you love, watch a funny movie, Google funny animals.   Create time for fun!

Write! Scribble out your thoughts. Note your stressors and make a conscious effort to also log ways that you can solve that problem or reframe the issue.

Go outside! Change your surroundings and step outside. Take a moment to change your environment. Sometimes this simple act brings everything into new light.

Drink tea! Amino acids in many green teas have calming agents. They lower anxiety levels. Grab a nice glass of tea and feel the stress melt away.

Try calming scents! Scents like lavender, vanilla, pumpkin, peppermint, and eucalyptus have been linked to creating feelings of serenity.

Slow your mind! Focus on a calm thought, maybe a happy place or memory. Close your eyes and count. Try to slow your mind from frantic paces.

Exercise! Endorphins surge during any exercise, light and moderate to a hardcore marathon, any amount of physical effort helps release ‘happy hormones”.

Eat Chocolate! Grab a small piece of dark chocolate. A moderate amount of dark chocolate has been proven to lower levels of the stress hormones, cortisol and catecholamine’s.

Get Colorful! Colors can evoke feelings! Green is soothing. Blue is peaceful. Purple shades are calming.   Try bringing some peaceful colors into your surroundings.

Try to add one or two of these tactics a day into your routine to chill out and de-stress!

Quotable and Notable

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Quotable & Notable: Change the Station of your Life
By Erica Johnson

FB Quote 2

Now that we’ve been blogging on our new iGoPinkLife platform for two months, something you’ve all probably learned about me from my blogs is that I’m a very positive person and LOVE inspirational messages. Morning quotes (which is why we do a #motivationalmorning quote every day on our iGoPink Facebook page) have always played a very important role in my life.

So much of what we turn on via our morning news stations or read on the front page of a news website or magazine is negative. Imagine if we had a “Positive News” station that reported the things going right in our world…not the negative. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be naïve and not know what is going on with major world issues, but reinforcing the positive things vs. negative things is what I choose to live my day to day life on.

Thanks to my husband, he really started me on this trend…you will rarely find our TV on in our house, and when it is, it’s to learn how to cook something new on the Food Network or a home remodeling idea on HGTV. We fill our time with positive things. His belief is our time is so limited, why not focus on what is good, not what is bad.

Quotable & Notable, today’s blog post, is all about challenging you to do that also. Have you ever tried to ‘rid’ of the negative ‘news’ in your life? This could be via TV or the online daily sources your reading/following or even partaking in office gossip/chatter…and fill that time with positive things? Motivational stories, quotes, inspiration, devotions…if you’ve never tried that, I challenge you to one week of it. We can ALL do something different for one week.

So this week, I hope you’ll jump on the positive channel challenge. Look to change the way you listen and speak for one week. It’s hard at first…trust me, I know! You’ll catch yourself getting caught up in the ‘drama’ vs. finding positive things to focus on. But you WILL be amazed at how you’ll feel when you start focusing on the good and not the bad.

Here’s to a fabulous, positive week ahead!!

The Other Me

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by Emilie Harris, guest blogger

Last year I read a book called The Other Wes Moore. The book is an autobiography written by a Rhodes Scholar who was reading the paper one day and stumbled across his name. The article he was reading was written about a man serving a life sentence for murder who happened to also be named Wes Moore. The more Wes read about the other Wes Moore, the more he wondered why his life had taken such a different turn. How had he become successful and the other Wes Moore had been reduced to a single jail cell? The book is fascinating and I highly recommend it – learn more about it here.

The book resonated with me mostly because I have the same name as a lot of people – Emilie. And as I read it I began to wonder about all the people I could have turned out to be. Mostly, I can tell you. I can tell you that growing up I wanted to be a heartless businesswoman in the middle of a Los Angeles high-rise. In high school the only thing I wanted worse than to get out of Waco, Texas was to disappear completely. In college I wanted to be the President of my sorority – the girl with all the answers.

Before he died, John Lennon told a story about himself as a child. It goes like this: “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

In the end, my other Wes Moore story isn’t about a stranger at all. It’s about me. I have been hundreds of different people over the course of these 22 years and I’m sure I’ll be hundreds of other ones over the course of the next, and there’s a great deal of power in that. I like to think with each new person I get better. I learn from my mistakes. I learn from the people I love, and I work towards a final product by practicing mercy and understanding and most of all, joy.

I guess what I’m saying is this: if someone read about my life in a newspaper and tried to compare it to theirs, I doubt they’d feel particularly moved. The things I’m most proud of, the things I would want a newspaper to write about me, aren’t the cold hard facts. The facts are I work in a cubicle from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. I run during the week and eat salads more than I eat hamburgers, even though I wish it was the opposite. I do the dishes and watch television just like everyone else.

What a newspaper can’t write about me is how deeply I feel every sunrise and sunset. How it makes me smile to watch my boyfriend with his nephew. The way I feel when my mom tells me the name of every flower in her yard. The intense gratitude I feel when I come home every night to my best friend who wants to hear about every detail of my day. What makes up a person? Why does it matter? I think it’s because it’s like John Lennon said… Your occupation, your name, your hometown, those facts and figures are simple logistics. I’m not sure anybody would want to be the other Emilie Harris, but this ordinary life feels pretty astounding to me most days, and I don’t think I’d want to swap it… even with a Rhodes Scholar.

Emilie Harris is a past high school nerd, present Brand Development Manager for The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau and lifetime pursuer of an unstoppable positive attitude and the perfect fountain Diet Coke.

Heart Half-Empty or Half-Full?

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How to keep your heart half-full

by Tristan Cablay

I continue to pour myself into the things I love: being a mom and a partner in my marriage, being successful at a career that I adore, and making a positive difference in people’s lives! Are all of these things easy? Some more so than others, but they all need a considerable amount of effort and work, so I continue to try everyday. I pour a bit of myself into each capacity that I love. What’s amazing is that my cup never runs empty.

Half empty? Certainly.
Half full? Most of the time.
Dry? Never!

If you love the things in your life that you spend your time and effort on, go ahead, pour yourself into them. Give of yourself, nurture that relationship or capacity and put in extra effort! Sometimes, you may not be at your best, but you pick yourself up and try again. Some days it is easy. Some days it is hard.

What has been the most amazing experience for me is that when I am at the lowest point and I think the cup will never reach full again, some thing unexpected always happens; someone pours into my cup. That is the beauty of giving of yourself, when you least expect it others give support to you.

So today, I encourage you to fill someone else’s cup; to pour yourself with extra intention into someone else’s cup- children, partner, work, really anyone you come across. Look at your glass half full and with the mindset of making everything you touch overflow!

Break-Up Survival Guide

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“We are never, ever, ever getting back together”

Breakups are THE WORST. We’ve all been there. There’s no right or wrong way to get over a break up, but the good news is the feeling doesn’t last forever. Here’s a few ways I’ve learned to get out of that funk.


Step 1: Cry it out

Cry to your mom, your roommate, your little brother even. Cry in the bathtub, cry in your bed, cry to your favorite sad songs. Basically, channel all that emotion into tears and get it all out of your system. Everyone feels better after a good cry.



Step 2: Treat yourself

I am a firm believer that a manicure and a shopping trip can fix almost anything. Go to Target! Something in those magical aisles is sure to boost your mood. Go to the mall and aimlessly wonder. Buy something for yourself that you normally wouldn’t, because you deserve it.



Step 3: Become empowered

Listen to Beyoncé. Put on your brightest lipstick and your favorite heels and strut around because you are a strong, independent woman! You are done moping and feeling bad for yourself! You are YOU and nobody can compare. Ex-boyfriend who?



Step 4: Do something for others

It’s so easy to become consumed with sadness when you feel like your world is falling apart, but it helps me to remember all of the things I am happy about and thankful for. Instead of focusing on your own problem, help someone else in need. Send a positive note to someone who may need it. Volunteer somewhere. Donate to a good cause. Send your mom a “just because” text. When you put positive energy out there, it comes right back to you!



Whether you’re ending a relationship or just got dumped (been there, girl, been there), take some time for you and then overcome.


Tori Carruth


Turn Passion Into Action

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by Tristan Cablay

The word advocacy is frequently tossed around. I’m sure you have heard the sentence “I am an advocate of XYZ” or “Be your own advocate”. I myself have often used both of those sentences, but what does being an advocate really mean? I wanted to get to the bottom of it, so I started where most of my research starts… in a Google search bar.   The results were simple. Actually, they were much less complex than I thought they would be.

Advocacy means taking action in support of something.

My mind frames this as passion. Being passionate enough to move. Anyone can be in support of something, however, if you are passionate enough to take action, to actually do something, you are an advocate.

Here is your call to action: Be a voice, be a social influencer, learn, then learn some more. Take action to make someone’s life better. Act to make your life better.

Find your passion.

Make a difference.

Take action.

Be an advocate.

I would love for you to join the Breast Cancer Charities of America’s efforts toward breast cancer awareness. I have found my passion in iGoPink. Have you found yours?


Women To Admire

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By Tori Carruth

Let’s talk about being women. I’ve been inspired lately by powerful women around me, and wanted to share some lessons I’ve learned to kick start this week!


  1. I got an email recently from a woman who is admired and respected, and she signed her email “XO”. This really struck a chord in me. As a woman, I always feel the need to be overly nice, more enthusiastic than I feel, yet still professional. That’s a lot of adjectives to live up to. When drafting an email, especially when new to the working world, I am so careful when choosing my words. “Does this make me sound like I’m trying too hard? Is this intimidating? Does that sound too dumb? Should I put a period or an exclamation mark? Is “sincerely” too formal? Is “thanks!” over the top?” This woman didn’t question herself. She sent an email, to a large group of professionals, and signed it “XO”. She didn’t care which adjective she was being too much or not enough of.


  1. How many times a day do you start your sentence with “Sorry” when you aren’t actually apologizing for something? We often say “sorry” when what we mean is “thank you”. Checkout this great comic by Yao Xiao who really nails this. Instead of blaming yourself, you’re showing gratitude. Amy Poehler said it best in her book Yes Please, “It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for. It takes years to find your voice and seize your real estate.” Another great representation of this is a commercial Pantene put out, urging women to “be strong and shine” rather than sorry. Check it out here. Unless someone truly deserves to hear “I’m sorry”, you don’t owe the world an apology for being.


  1. Finally, here are some of my favorite quotes from women who rock.


Speak in statements instead of apologetic questions. No one wants to go to a doctor who says, “I’m going to be your surgeon? I’m here to talk to you about your procedure? I was first in my class at Johns Hopkins, so?” Make statements, with your actions and your voice.—Tina Fey

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. — Gloria Steinem

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. —Helen Keller

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. —Margaret Mead

That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her! Not for me ― Amy Poehler, Yes Please

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. — Anais Nin

A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts. —Nancy Rathburn

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. —Nora Ephron


I hope you have a great week! Show kindness, and kick butt.





Quotable + Notable

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quote notable books

By Erica Johnson

Motivational quotes are one of my favorite things…they’re apart of my daily devotions and something I strongly believe a simple quote can give a new perspective on your day. Ask our team at iGoPin, one of my weekly rituals is my “Quote of the Week”. Every Monday morning I’ll send out a quote: some intense, some passionate, some funny, some thought provoking…but it’s a way to frame up the week.

If you come to my office, you’ll even find a book that I’ve kept with great quotes in it since I was in college (that was a few years ago) and it has a plethora of quotes that at different times in my life inspired me.

This week the quote for our team is:

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”  

It’s a great quote to ponder on…how many times has each one of us doubted ourselves? It could be something personally or professionally. I’m a huge believer of having confidence in what you do and this is a prime example where doubt (or lack of confidence) can kill dreams and goals.

Another motto that goes in line with this quote is another iGoPink-ism that we work off of daily: “Point. Fire. Aim.” Meaning: Point=do your research and make the best decision possible. Fire=Try it (vs. sitting around for weeks trying to make it ‘perfect’…just try it.) Aim=Refine it. Take what you learned from ‘trying it’ and make it better.

So next time that you doubt yourself, take a step back, build up the confidence and try it! You’ll be amazed at how far this will get you in life!

quote notable books 2

7 Things I Love About Life

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7 Happy Reasons 1

By Tori Carruth

Please tell me someone got that old school Miley Cyrus reference …

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day little issues we face, especially on Monday. Sometimes, I play the “poor me” game more than I should. I wake up grumpy because it’s too early, I don’t feel like facing the world today, or my hair isn’t cooperating (#petty). Whatever it is, it’s so easy to stay frustrated and let those feelings control you. Sometimes I get in a funk and just feel blah. However, I’ve found that focusing on what I’m truly thankful for instantly brings me out of that and reminds me how lucky I am. Despite the obvious (family, friends, etc.), make a list of little things that brighten your day. Here are 7 small things to be happy about.

  1. Really good coffee
  2. Rainy day naps
  3. Heels that look good, but don’t hurt
  4. Books
  5. Pictures of animals in clothes (check out “bingandwalter” and “tunameltsmyheart” on Instagram for a laugh)
  6. Singing as loud as you want in your car
  7. Belly laughs

What makes you happy? Anyone else love weird dogs in clothes on Instagram? 🙂

7 Happy Reasons Books

Between the Pages: Book Inspiration

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Between the Pages iGoPink Book 1

By Erica Johnson

Call me old school, but there’s something I still love about picking up an actual book or magazine vs. reading them on an electronic device.   The texture of a real book that makes me feel like curling up with a cup of tea to read for hours.

Being so busy with work, finding the time to read can really be a struggle to be honest. For me, I’m constantly looking for self-help, business strategy or empowering books that help me be a better person, wife, leader, and woman. That’s why I love books like the current book I’m reading, Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. This book is broken into a 40-day prayer challenge and leaves just a few pages a day to be read (something I can make time for.)

The book is empowering and really makes you think about how you spend time daily meditating/praying or fulfilling what fits your spiritual wholeness. But more than makes you think about it, it teaches you how in your times of not only struggle, but dreams, desires, celebrations and more, that drawing a circle to focus your energy on that one specific moment results in such a greater result in your life.

For me, I’m constantly focusing on how can I better serve others – so I’ve gotten specific with that through this book: how can I better serve the women we work with daily, how can I better serve my team, how can I better serve my family, how can I better serve our blog readers…I’m a believer we’re put here to make a difference and by focusing my morning time through this book and putting a form of devotion around it, it’s making me align my goals, worries, desires and dreams to be on path with something larger in life! And one of my favorite quotes from the other day is here: “If you’re looking for excuses, you’ll always find one.” How great is that!!!

Between the Pages iGoPink Book 2