Pink Makeup

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Today we’ve asked a local makeup artist to do a cute, simple, pink look for us! Below is Madi’s take on the October pink craze, and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves!

by Madi Angelelli


Since I was a little girl I’ve always had a passion for makeup, pretty things, pink and glitter. I was honored to be asked to recreate a look for breast cancer awareness! I’ll break down the items you need to achieve this look.


Tarte amazonian clay foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight in ”moonstone”
NARS blush in “orgasm”

Anastasia Beverly Hills shadow in “intense gaze”
Tarte precision longwear liner
Ardell lashes #203

Nyx lip liner in “sweet pink”
Revlon photoready eye art in “topaz twinkle”


We’d love to see your version of a pink makeup look! See more of Madi’s makeup on Instagram at @makeupbymadilyn

Pops of Pink

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On Wednesdays We Wear [Pops] of Pink!

by Amy Tullis


As we all know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means there is literally pink EVERYWHERE. Personally, I love it. Seeing people wearing pink ribbons and supporting breast cancer patients as well as survivors makes me smile from ear to ear. It’s a great month to get involved and show your support!

While I was cheering in college we had a huge pink out game. It was an amazing experience seeing so many people coming together for such a great cause. My squad had pink headbands and painted a pink ribbon on our faces. Even the football team was decked out from head to toe in pink gear.

No matter where you go in October, there is bound to be a section of pink products. This makes it easy if you want to add a dash of fuchsia to your wardrobe. If you want to show support without looking like a flamingo, I’ve got you covered.


Simply wearing pink jewelry or shoes adds a perfect pop of pink to any outfit. Kendra Scott has an amazing selection of Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry. I personally love rocking a rosey-pink lipstick everyday as well as having my nails and toes painted in a blush tone. If you’re like me and need cute workout clothes to motivate you to go to the gym, you can add pretty pastels to your attire. I’ve added a pair of pink shoe-laces to my favorite pair of running shoes to make running that extra mile a little more bearable.


Thank you to anyone who has shown support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by rocking pink. Show us your favorite ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe by using #iGoPink on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you all have a marvelous October!



Shop Givebacks

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I shop givebacks.  I love that a percentage of my purchase will go to something far greater than just the transaction!  Those portions that are donated to charities and organizations really do add up and help further the mission of eradicating breast cancer in it’s various forms and capacitates.  Being a part of that is something special!

With that said, IT IS OCTOBER!  That means breast cancer awareness month!  It’s that time of the year that we all “GoPink”.

It is actually my favorite time of year!


Let it be known… I am a pink girl!  My friends are pink girls!  My office is full of pink girls!  WE know the power of the pink ribbon!  Pink is not just a color; it’s an attitude, it’s a call to fight, it’s the sisterhood! When you see pink ribbons around you are looking at a bond that is not easily broken.  These women are advocates, all choosing to rise, take a stand, and be a part of something much greater!

Here is your challenge, wear pink this October!  Wear it as often as possible!  Show off your pink ribbons! Shop givebacks when possible.  If you’re not sure where to start, Brighton Collectables has a really great giveback program!  If you’re near a store, head out and show your support.  In our local area, Brighton at The Woodlands Mall and Willowbrook Mall has chosen the iGoPink/BCCA as their charity for October! Come out!  Show your support!  Be a pink girl too!



What To Wear To Wine Women & Shoes

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wine women shoes models 2016 breast cancer survivors

by Tori Carruth

Happy Wednesday! You may have noticed that our blog has been a little quieter lately, and it’s because the event we’ve been planning since December is FINALLY here!

I started volunteering with BCCA in 2014, a few months after my sister passed from breast cancer, and it’s been so near and dear to me since then. The first event I attended was Wine Women & Shoes, and I happened to be volunteering with my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Last year, I wasn’t a volunteer, but a guest. My mom and I shared our story (watch here!), and were treated to VIP access as the honorary story of the night. Flash forward to now, and I’m the Event Coordinator for BCCA! Life always puts you exactly where you need to be.

My first year at WWS, with my best friend, Emilie :)

Anyways, moving on to what this post is truly about…fashion! If you’re going to this year’s Wine Women & Shoes, you may be wondering what to wear, and I am here to help, girl friend! Last year, my mom’s biggest dilemma was what she was going to wear. Never mind the hundreds of people who would be hearing her story of survival and loss for the first time, the woman just couldn’t decide what to wear! That’s us women for you.


How cute is my mom?! This is WWS 2015!

Hopefully I can take a little of that stress off of you! My favorites:

Cocktail Attire

Just Came From Work

The Classic LBD With A Twist

A Sequin Number

Lovely Lace

Leopard Is  A Neutral, Right?

Suede Moment

I hope this helps some! All of these looks you can find at Dillard’s, our fashion show sponsor of 2016! This year, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with my mom virtually going through her whole closet…so don’t fret if you’re still unsure! Wine Women & Shoes is happening September 29 at 5:30 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, and we’d love to have you there! You can catch me running around like a chicken (in 5 inch heels) with it’s head cut off!


Summer to Fall Outfit

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Transitioning those summer pieces to fall outfits!

by Amy Tullis


Fall in Texas means 90 degree weather until Christmas. I wish I was exaggerating. This makes transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall extremely tricky. Personally, I’ve already broken out my favorite booties and suede dresses, but on days like today when its 95 degrees with full blown Houston humidity, I needed something easy to throw together that was light and comfortable.

One of my favorite tricks for transitioning into fall is to layer a tank with a cardigan. Pairing a pair of your favorite strappy sandals with a pair of olive jeans is a super easy way to be fall-ish without dying of a heatstroke.


A few other heat-friendly fall fashion options:
• Denim jackets/vests are perfect for layering summer tanks that need to be revamped for autumn.
• FLANNELS (my personal favorite). I love tying a flannel around my waist with a t-shirt or  over a tank with distressed jeans and booties or Converse. This is the easiest thing for me when I’m on the go and need a cute outfit.
• Throwing on a lightweight scarf with a t-shirt is a fun way to add a pop of fall fashion to your wardrobe.
• Pair your favorite t-shirt dress with booties. This is such an easy-peasy option for those days when you just “can’t even” with trying to throw an outfit together.

May all your Pumpkin Spice Lattes this fall be strong!


Editor’s Note: Amy is an intern from Sam Houston State University. You’ll see her on the blog from time to time radiating that bright smile! We love Amy so much here at iGoPink and we’re sure you will, too. Not only is Amy hilarious and innovative, her laugh is contagious (mainly because she snorts 😉 haha). 

Incorporating Face Oils

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How + Why You Should Incorporate Face Oils Into Your Beauty Routine
by Megan Cox


Face oil….seems pretty straightforward right? Just an oil for your face, duh! Surprisingly it’s actually much more complex than that. How you apply face oil, how often you’re using it, and even the order in which you apply it, in regards to your skincare routine, can influence the results you get. Here are the tried and true, best ways to use face oil so you are getting the most from your product!  


Finding the Right Method for Your Skin Type:

Believe it or not- how you should be applying your face oil depends on the type of skin you have! Sounds confusing, but luckily celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau breaks down the best ways to apply face oil based on your skin type. Don’t be overwhelmed- once you get it down, your skin will thank you!


Oily/Combination Acne Prone Skin:
For those who are on the oily side and prone to breakouts, Rouleau suggests massaging 1-3 drops of oil into your skin after you’ve completed your night time routine (cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer). Rouleau suggests applying face oil after moisturizer as it will help to prevent water loss. However- use oil sparingly! “You don’t want to overuse a treatment oil because it will create a layer over the top of the surface, which then creates more heat to be trapped within the skin. Heat will cause more oil production and allow for bacteria to grow more quickly, ultimately resulting in a potential for increased acne,” warns Rouleau.


Normal/Dry Skin:
If you have normal to dry skin, Rouleau suggests mixing about 4-6 drops of the oil in with your moisturizers. She also says that those with dry skin can use it on top of moisturizer but should never wear face oil in place of or under a moisturizer. “When you use moisturizer (often containing antioxidants, retinol, or firming peptides) over the oil, the beneficial ingredients will not be able to penetrate the skin effectively because the oil will act as a barrier.” (source)


Application Makes All The Difference:

As tempting as it is to vigorously rub face oil into your skin (the way you would with body lotion) that actually is not the correct way to apply it, and can render the product ineffective. By rubbing it into the skin, the product doesn’t have a chance to sink in properly. Not to mention the unnecessary pulling at your skin. What you should do instead is apply the oil to your finger tips and gently press it into your skin. This will allow the oil to literally “melt” into the skin and absorb properly, giving you better results. (source)


When/Where to Apply Face Oils in your Routine:

Here comes the tricky part: a lot of us aren’t just using one product. We’re using a retinoid, AHA or BHA, night cream, eye cream, sunscreen, cleanser.. ahh! It’s all a little much.
Luckily, you don’t have to pick and choose. I’m going to include a very extensive routine below. If you don’t use all the products, feel free to skip them (except the suncsreen!). Here’s the best way to incorporate SHINE into your skincare routine, thanks to a little help from blogger Paula Bugeon 


In the morning:

Cleanse, Tone, Use your AHA / BHA exfoliant, Apply to affected areas or all over, Apply your day serum, Apply moisturizer, Apply sunscreen, Apply makeup

In the evening:

Cleanse, Tone, Apply to affected areas or all over, Apply retinoid or prescription cream, Apply nighttime moisturizer or eye cream


Conclusion: How + Why You Should Incorporate Face Oils in your Beauty Routine:

So there you have it, the best way to apply face oil! Not so scary, huh? If you haven’t started using a face oil we recommend incorporating one like Shine into your routine. Shine uses a blend of awesome oils like pomegranate, bearberry and licorice to brighten skin, while nourishing and increasing penetration with ingredients like jojoba and argan. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and made with over 75% organic ingredients. Definitely worth checking out if you want to hop on the face oil bandwagon!


Megan is the owner of Amalie and creator of WINK–an natural enhancing serum for regrowing lost lashes and brows– that she created in her MIT dorm room in 2013. WINK is an annual component of BCCA’s “Feeling Beautiful Again” bags, thanks to an annual buy one give one campaign in October. If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved/give back, visit the Amalie site.  

Fashion by Fiancé

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My fiancé dressed me for a week…here’s what happened

by Alix Angelelli

Remember when you were little and your mom would set out your clothes? The perfect little put-together outfit for the school day. I am (and always have been) a slight control freak, so my mom quit doing that around second grade. But recently I’ve given up all control when it comes to my daily outfit choice.

I have given my fiancé… a MAN… complete control over what I wear for a week. He picks my outfit including shoes and accessories. He also gets to make suggestions when it comes to my hair and make-up (if I can accomplish that look). He has a few rules, 1) it has to be work appropriate and 2) he has to consider my day (i.e. if I have lots of running around I can’t be in my most uncomfortable shoes). So here it is a complete diary with photos on his outfit choices.

Day 1: We had a photo op with our Wine, Women and Shoes 2016 Committee, so I made note to opt for a solid color choice. I loved the outfit, it was comfy and put together. I thought it may be too casual for work but it ended up being perfect! I’ll definitely wear it again.


Day 2: We are both Texas A&M grads, so I was not shocked by his maroon choice for day 2. This dress made me feel flirty and fun and like I can go straight to date night with him. He did a great job at piecing it together and making me feel cute and fun on a Wednesday.


Day 3: Again he stuck with a dress, but it was patterned and he accessorized it a little more. I was really surprised with this whole outfit. He generally sticks with solids and doesn’t step outside of the box with patterns and materials (even in his own daily wear). But he brought it all together.


Day 4: It was Friday at work, which means “casual wear.” I can say this is not my favorite of his choices. I mean it wasn’t bad, but it also was blah. He meant well…keeping it chill and loose and putting me in jeans. But I wanted something more.


Day 5: All the Monday feels were gone when I slipped this on. He made me feel like I am ready for a night out in a coastal town. I feel put together. I feel confident. I feel like summer. I also enjoyed the natural hair recommendation… keeping together the beach babe vibe.


Overall, I loved this experiment. Even on the days when I felt that he was not putting the time and effort into choosing my outfit for the day, he actually was. As a woman I often struggle seeing my own beauty and self worth. These past few days really allowed me to embrace every part of myself. Seeing what he loves and thinks is beautiful about me helped me see strengths and beauties within myself. What we should all keep in mind is that each one of us is beautiful inside and out, and this experiment opened my own eyes to that!

Stylizing Your ‘Me’ Time

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Making your ‘me’ time reflect your style



by Erica Johnson

Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one out there who has a difficult time scheduling “Me” time! As women, I think we’re all accustom to constantly putting others first and forget about ourselves. Top it off with being in the work sector of non-profit for the majority of my life, this is even truer. Everything I do from the minute I wake up, until the final email or meal prep I do for the next day revolves around helping others/my family/etc., so I constantly have to remind myself to make me time…and for me, I love my spaces in life to be stylized (and on a budget!)

Within the past year, I’ve learned it’s the small things (even if it only is 5-10 minutes of me time) that can make a huge difference in my day. The thing I’ve learned to actually enjoy my me time, is to have my surroundings look beautiful/chic. I’m an organized/type-A/clutter free sort of gal, and when I get me time, I want my space to be stylized also…thus today’s post….stylizing your me time.

I LOVE all the perfect looking blog posts and magazine pictures that show a pretty coffee mug and a cute notebook to journal in, and I always (used to go) “I wish I had that picturesque stylized time for myself.” There’s something warm and welcoming that makes me desire those picture worthy settings.

About a year ago, I was drinking my luke-warm coffee out of my chipped mug that had a I gotten for free from a business expo and journaling in my so called “notebook” that had a beat up cover (if any cover at all). It was free, quick and easy, but it was also messy. My “me time” started feeling more like a chore than an inspirational time for myself.

I decided to take that picture perfect notebook and coffee mug look and turn it into my own. (And little did I know, I already owned a lot of the small things that made my “me time” feel pretty again.) I dusted off some plates and coffee cup that had been sitting in my cabinet and started using my ‘nice stuff’ on a daily basis…why shouldn’t I enjoy the gifts people have bought me and were collecting dust in my kitchen? Then I found this adorable notebook on clearance at Trina Turk and a beautiful orchid at my local grocery store. It was amazing how EXCITED I was to have my 5-10 minutes of “me-time” back again feeling so glam and chic.

I encourage every one to find your own style. It doesn’t have to be glam and chic (that’s just my personal style). Maybe you love urban rustic or boho-chic…whatever it is, take a few minutes and a few dollars to truly enjoy and stylize your “me time”. We all get so very few minutes in a day that we should enjoy the small things…even if it’s as simple as a chip-free coffee mug! Make it an inspiring, dazzling and empowering week!

Presenting Sponsor and Designers of Wine Women & Shoes Announced

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The Breast Cancer Charities of America is pleased to announce that EXIT Lone Star Realty will be the presenting sponsor for Wine Women & Shoes Houston. This is the second consecutive year that EXIT Lone Star Realty is the presenting sponsor for Wine Women & Shoes, returning on September 29, 2016 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott.

“We’re very fortunate to have EXIT Lone Star Realty back as our presenting sponsor for Wine Women & Shoes,” said Erica Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of The Breast Cancer Charities of America. “Just as breast cancer has touched each of us, it has directly touched them as well, and we appreciate their passion for helping to educate and empower women to prevent and survive breast cancer.”

“EXIT Lone Star Realty is excited to be the presenting sponsor again for Wine Women & Shoes. It touches home even more that both my niece as well as a dear friend/client (both breast cancer survivors) will be modeling in the runway show as survivors,” said Susan Mack, Owner/Broker of EXIT Lone Star Realty. “BCCA is such a worthy cause and it is wonderful to see how the event is growing. It’s going to be even more fabulous than last year if that’s possible!”

The New York-Style Runway Show will be spotlighting the night this year with local and name-brand designers. For the third annual event, Dillard’s will be the Exclusive Fashion Show Sponsor, showcasing their newest fall fashions; Kendra Scott will be the Exclusive Jewelry Sponsor as well as hosts of the popular ‘Sip & Sparkle’ station; Uptown Park’s custom shoe designer, LUCHO, is back as the Exclusive Shoe Sponsor and will be displaying their fabulous stilettos. Other marketplace vendors are Rhinestone Leopard, Magnolia Mey, Armarillo de la Bella, and Marmi, who will all be selling their new fall lines.

This year, Wine Women & Shoes is honoring those touched by breast cancer in a very special way. All of the runway models will be women who have been affected in some way by breast cancer: survivors, family members, medical personnel and more will be showcasing every look and sharing their inspiring stories of hope.

Tickets for Wine Women & Shoes are available now. VIP tickets and Platinum VIP tables are available on a first come first serve basis. Sponsorship opportunities also remain. To find out more information visit:

The Breast Cancer Charities of America is grateful for all of their event sponsors, which include: Maserati, CHLOE Wine, Tiff’s Treats, H-E-B, Dr. Lind Plastic Surgery, Stephens Gatewood & Associates Dentistry, Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy, Pinnacle Insurance, Avanti Senior Living, Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital, Massage Heights Panther Creek & Spring Creek, The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Morgan Stanley, Shag Salon, Style Revival, DJ Hollywood Steve, Mindy Harmon, My Wallet My Style, Tara Flannery Photography, J Stacy Photography, Woodlands Photo Co., AGB Videography, SpeedPro Imaging, The Woodlands Lifestyles & Home, PKWY Magazine, PR Luxury Media/reviewit.Flair.Vida Social Magazines, Woodlands Monocle, The Woodlands Journal, Hello Woodlands, Woodlands Online, FOX 26, and KSTAR Country Radio.

Kate Spade Staples and Sales

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Happy Wednesday!


Obsessed with this makeup bag


I’ve had this for 2 years and it still looks new


Mug, notebook, and pink pillow all Kate Spade!

Hi hi hi! I’ve mentioned before that I am not humpday’s biggest fan. I have no idea why, but I just get in a mid-week slump. To pump myself up for the weekend and finish the work week strong, I lean on a few of my favorite things: Starbucks, Stranger Things (have y’all seen this on Netflix? I’m addicted), and sales.

I am a frequent online shopper because there’s really nothing better than opening a package you forgot you even bought. It’s like Christmas every other week! This week, my online search took me to Kate Spade. While it’s not currently time for their next surprise sale (those things get me every single time), they maintain a pretty great selection year round. Right now there’s bags, phone cases, scarves, and so much more on sale. I’ve forever been a fan of my girl Kate, so this week I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things.

I don’t know about you, but my mind immediately goes to purses when I think of Kate Spade, even though there is so much more to offer! I received my green purse a few years ago as a gift, and I love that 1) it never goes out of style (this particular purse is still one of their most popular), 2) it shows no wear and tear (and I am not kind on my bags), and 3) it adds a pop of color to my usual neutral color scheme.

Another purse I got during the last surprise sale is the black and pale pink cross body (sold out, similar here). It’s a good bag for going out or to dinner when I don’t want something bulky. I purchased this makeup case during that sale, and it was one of the best impulse buys I’ve ever made! It’s such a good size and holds the essentials for when you’re on the go. They don’t have this specific pattern anymore, but this one is similar and on sale!

Aside from purses, Kate Spade always has the cutest accessories. I’m personally obsessed with their office supplies and anything for the home. I have quite a random assortment of mugs, staplers, pillows and more in my collection.

Have a great Wednesday, even if that means treating yourself to Starbs and sales!

PS – this is on my wish list! Patiently waiting for that next sale to add this pretty pink babe to my collection…

Tori Carruth