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GreenBean SaladBCCA is committed to providing guidance on proper nutrition and food for both prevention and survivorship stages of breast cancer.   So many times we hear women say, “what can I cook that is healthy”;  “it’s hard to cook easy/fast meals that are cancer fighting”;  “it’s expensive to eat healthy”….we understand all of those concerns and do our best to address those all and more to help YOU!

Currently BCCA is working with top nutritionists and chefs throughout the country to compile recipes that fit these needs of women!  Our goal is to make this Cookbook a tool that is readily available free of charge to any of the breast cancer patients/hospitals and prevention programs of our University Education Program.  We know it’s difficult—so we’re here to help!

In the meantime as this full cookbook goal is being developed and raising funds for the cost of production, visit our blog to read some of our suggested healthy meals that will get you jump started on your cancer prevention plan.

Lastly, we encourage you to download this Healthy Grocery Shopping List that will help you as you shop to know what are healthy, cancer fighting foods.  Tip:  Shop the perimeter of your grocery store…where you’ll find the fresh fruits, veggies, whole grain baked breads and lean means.  It’s a great tip as your starting your transformation to healthy eating!

Stay tuned….we have lots of great healthy eating tips in store!!!


To be involved with the development, funding and production
of the iGoPink Cookbook, please contact us directly!