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Take Time to Exercise

Being physically active significantly boosts the odds that you will survive the disease. Breast Cancer Charities of America has held this position from inception. Now we have several studies that show that exercise improves the prospects of beating any malignancy.

A large, well-respected study of U.S. nurses found that breast cancer patients who walk or do other kinds of moderate exercise for three to five hours a week are about 50 percent less likely to die from the disease than sedentary women are.

Cancer survivors are markedly diverse in their physical activity goals. Very few set out to run a marathon or become Olympic athletes. Instead, the most common exercise goal among cancer survivors is to experience an increase in energy.

We recommend that you find a type of exercise that you enjoy. Then practice that routine just until you feel an increased flexibility and a sense of elation. And the psychological benefits are even greater – joy, enthusiasm, and mental vitality. What a payoff!

Make exercise part of your breast cancer recovery program. No matter how long it has been since you have exercised, no matter how incapacitated or confined you are, there are exercises you can do. Exercise will help you get well and stay well!

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