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Nutrition Tips to Put to Work

Making wise nutritional choices is one of the best defenses against breast cancer.

Here are a few nutrition tips that can to put to work in your own life:

  • Eat a plant! At least two-thirds of your plate should be fresh vegetables and whole grains. No more than one-third should be animal protein.
  • Start your day with whole grain cereals. They contain folates, a B vitamin, which helps prevent breast cancer. Top with melons and strawberries, which are also rich in folates.
  • Add asparagus, beans, and even sunflower seeds to your lunch salad of leafy greens including spinach and romaine. You’ll get even more folate.
  • Think tomatoes. It’s the lycopene which studies link to a reduction in several cancers including cancers of the breast.
  • Go green—tea that is. Several studies show regular green tea consumption has slowed or even prevented the development of breast cancer.
  • Limit or eliminate alcohol. Even one glass of wine a day has been linked to higher breast cancer risk.
  • Cook wisely. Stew, braise or steam rather than fry, grill or broil. High temperatures may cause cancer-causing chemicals to form that may increase cancer risk.

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