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By Erica Johnson

Motivational quotes are one of my favorite things…they’re apart of my daily devotions and something I strongly believe a simple quote can give a new perspective on your day. Ask our team at iGoPin, one of my weekly rituals is my “Quote of the Week”. Every Monday morning I’ll send out a quote: some intense, some passionate, some funny, some thought provoking…but it’s a way to frame up the week.

If you come to my office, you’ll even find a book that I’ve kept with great quotes in it since I was in college (that was a few years ago) and it has a plethora of quotes that at different times in my life inspired me.

This week the quote for our team is:

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”  

It’s a great quote to ponder on…how many times has each one of us doubted ourselves? It could be something personally or professionally. I’m a huge believer of having confidence in what you do and this is a prime example where doubt (or lack of confidence) can kill dreams and goals.

Another motto that goes in line with this quote is another iGoPink-ism that we work off of daily: “Point. Fire. Aim.” Meaning: Point=do your research and make the best decision possible. Fire=Try it (vs. sitting around for weeks trying to make it ‘perfect’…just try it.) Aim=Refine it. Take what you learned from ‘trying it’ and make it better.

So next time that you doubt yourself, take a step back, build up the confidence and try it! You’ll be amazed at how far this will get you in life!

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